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You might spot some familiar faces starring in these old 70s Persil commercials shot on Gedling street

Do you recognise any of the people from Priory Road who took part in these vintage commercials?

VIDEO: Watch the moment a taxi driver mounts the pavement in vehicle to escape council officer who wanted to carry out routine safety checks...

Gedling Borough Council have now prosecuted the taxi driver who fled when approached by one of their licencing enforcement officers back in December 2021.

See anyone you know?: Gedling Colliery remembered in online tribute video

The history of Gedling Colliery has been captured in an online video that's proving popular with local history buffs and ex-workers.The video, which was...

VIDEO: Gedling MP makes Poland visit to see Ukrainian refugee centres

Gedling MP Tom Randall is in Poland to speak with politicians about Ukrainian refugees and said officials were full of praise for the UK...

VIDEO: See how the revamped Arnold Market will look in this new flythrough video

The £4m scheme was approved by the cabinet on Thursday and the council will now have to apply to itself for planning permission.

Council foots bill for graffiti tag clean-up operation of historic plane at Colwick school

A council cleaning team were dispatched to the site on Vale Road and used pressure washers and cleaning agents to remove the tag.

Colwick firm provide truck used to break Guinness World Record by Leicestershire ‘Iron Queen’ Asha Rani

'Iron Queen' Asha Rani broke the world record for pulling a truck five metres, whilst wearing high heels

VIDEO: Arnold man hopes to smash world record with jet-powered bike built in garden shed

Andy Morris has already broken the record for the fastest speed recorded in a jet-propelled go-kart.

VIDEO: Recording from 1988 shows tour of old Carlton le Willows annexe

We found this short video which is bound to stir memories for those who attended Carlton le Willows school back in the 80s.The video,...

VIDEO: Urban explorers take a look around the empty Blue Note pub in Carlton

In this video a team of urban explorers armed themselves with cameras and decided to take a peak around the empty Blue Note pub in Carlton.

VIDEO: Ouse Dyke flooded areas of Carlton and Gedling back in summer of ’94

Ouse Dyke flooded parts of Burton Road and Conway Road after long wet summer 22 years ago.

VIDEO: See Gedling village residents in these classic 70s Persil commercials

Do you recognise any of the people from Priory Road who took part in these vintage commercials?

VIDEO: Old film footage captures what life was like in Netherfield during 1974

Bourne's textile factory dominated the town landscape 42 years ago

Remarkable 1948 film shows rare footage of what life was like at Gedling Colliery

68-year-old film documentary captures how the pit increased its output following the introduction of new technology.
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