Colwick firm provide truck used to break Guinness World Record by Leicestershire ‘Iron Queen’ Asha Rani

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A Colwick-based firm has hit the headlines after providing a truck that was used to smash a world record after being pulled by a woman in high heels. 

‘Iron Queen’ Asha Rani broke the world record for pulling a truck five metres, whilst wearing the shoes – which measured over 7cm.

The truck was provided by Alltruck and the vehicle can normally be found at their depot on Private Road on Colwick Industrial Estate.

To break the record the firm’s DAF CF 250 truck had to be filled with cargo to bring it up to a weight of 11,380 kg – the equivalent of 6 family cars.

After pulling the vehicle five metres, Asha should make the Guinness Book of Records once her attempt has been adjudicated– the process can take up to 12 weeks.

The previous record for heaviest vehicle pulled in high heels was set at 6,586kg by Lia Grimanis in 2014, meaning Asha broke the record by nearly five tonnes.

Kieran Matthews, a member of Alltruck’s marketing team was one of the people who witnesses the record being broken.

He said: “At Alltruck we like to give something back to the local community that we serve. So, when we heard about Asha wanting to break the record for heaviest truck pulled by a woman, we couldn’t volunteer one of our trucks fast enough.

“Alltruck would like to say congratulations to Asha on her impressive achievement. We are glad that one of our trucks could be used for something a bit different!

PICTURED: Trainer Manjit Singh and ‘Iron Queen’ Asha Rani

Also at the event was Asha’s friend and trainer Manjit Singh, Leicestershire’s Iron Man, who himself has broken 69 world records.

Mr Singh, who has trained Asha for the last 10 years, said: “I was nervous and she was nervous because it was raining and the floor was wet and she couldn’t get a proper grip. The kids were all cheering her on and encouraging her shouting ‘go on Asha you can do it’, so that probably helped her.

“She tried four times – three times unsuccessful, the fourth time she did it. If you keep trying you will succeed. I think that Asha is a role model for the younger community and other girls all over the world.”

Following Asha’s performance, pupils at Ellesmere College, where the event took place, were invited to look around the Alltruck livered truck.

Kieran added: “Whilst watching Asha breaking the world record was a fantastic experience, my favourite part of the day was seeing the smiles on the pupil’s faces as they got to explore the truck and pretend to be truck drivers.”

The truck is part of Alltruck’s wider rental fleet that encompasses vans and 12t, 18t, 26t boxes and curtain siders, as well as tractor units and trailers.

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