See anyone you know?: Gedling Colliery remembered in online tribute video

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The history of Gedling Colliery has been captured in an online video that’s proving popular with local history buffs and ex-workers.

The video, which was posted online last summer, was recently brought to the attention of Gedling Eye by reader Frank Jacobs, who spotted it on a Facebook group.

Mr Jacobs didn’t work at the colliery but knew many that did and thought the video was worth sharing.

He said it brought back ‘nice memories’ and remembers the pit dominating the Gedling skyline.

Mr Jacobs moved from Gedling in 2003 and now lives in New Zealand.

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“I knew many people who worked there and they would often share stories about working at the Colliery and being involved in their sporting clubs and social events,” he said.

“I found the video online and think it does a great job of bringing to life the entire history of that colliery. It’s worth watching if you worked there yourself or had friends and family that did.”

The video was created by Michael Szepeta, who shares videos around the history of Britain’s collieries.

The video features photos and footage capturing working life along with sports and social clubs.

‘Pit of Nations’

Gedling Colliery closed thirty-years ago in early November 1991 due to deteriorating geological conditions in the Main Bright seam. Sunk by the Digby Colliery Company from 1899 to 1902, it later was known as ‘The Pit of Nations’ because of its diverse workforce in the 1950’s to 1980’s period. Many different nationalities worked at the colliery at one time or another during this period.

Gedling Country Park now occupies the land where the colliery once stood and pays tribute to its history through information boards and memorials.


  1. Gedling was not closed because of deteriorating geological conditions. It was closed, along with hundreds of others, for political ideological reasons, plus a large dose of spite.


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