Council foots bill for graffiti tag clean-up operation of historic plane at Colwick school

 Council foots bill for graffiti tag clean-up operation of historic plane at Colwick school

Council workers work on cleaning the plane in St John’s playground (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

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Gedling Borough Council has generously footed the bill for a clean-up operation which took place this morning on a historic plane targeted by vandals in a Colwick school playground.

Colwick Ward councillor for Gedling Borough Council, Cllr Meredith Lawrence approached the authority and asked if they would pay for a large graffiti tag to be removed from the plane, which rests in the playground of St John’s C of E School in the village..

The council pledged to pay the bill and today (August 7) a cleaning team were dispatched to the site on Vale Road, using pressure washers and cleaning agents to remove the tag.

PICTURED: Head teacher Rachel Ireland, left, and Cllr Meredith Lawrence watched the plane clean-up operation taking place this morning (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

Cllr Lawrence, who is also a a governor at the school, said: “After speaking with the council as Colwick Ward councillor and also as a school governor, they kindly agreed to come along to the school this morning and undertake the work on the plane for free.”

It had been feared that the primary school would have to dip into its funds to get the cleaning carried out.

But as well as the council showing support, parents also offered to clean up and repaint the plane for free in their spare time so money could be saved.

A clean-up operation was taking place this morning (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

Head teacher Rachel Ireland said: “It’s been fantastic to see the local community, parish and borough councils all come together to show their support for our school.

“The graffiti tag was an eyesore and I’m glad it’s being removed.”


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