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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Drop in number of A&E attendances in Nottinghamshire

There has been a drop in the number of people attending A&E across Nottinghamshire over winter, statistics show.
Victoria Road Netherfield pothole

Shift away from temporary pothole repairs across Notts to be priority

Nottinghamshire County Council will move away from temporary road repairs “as much as we possibly can”
GP appointments

Relationship between patients and GPs is ‘starting to degrade’ as staff suffer from burnout

A leading Nottinghamshire doctor has spoken out about the ‘distressed’ state of general practice surgeries and says the relationship between patients and professionals is “starting to degrade”.

Rise in number of patients waiting more than two weeks to see GP

Data shows about one in six people waited 15 days or more to see a doctor across the 31 days in August.
44 bus Gedling

Concern over low bus use in county after the pandemic

Passenger levels are rising but are only at 65-70 per cent of pre-pandemic numbers, reports show.
Carlton Library

‘Significant reduction’ in library use but no plans to close services

Councillors raised concerns about the future of libraries in the county during the Communities Committee meeting
notts police

Crime rates fall across Notts

Nottinghamshire has continued to see less crime than Leicestershire, which has historically had lower volumes of crime than Nottinghamshire.

Notts Police calls for funding review after it’s revealed there is only one police...

Chief Constable, Craig Guildford, said there is currently one police officer for every 500 residents across the county.
Nottinghamshire Day

‘A county to be proud of’: Celebrations planned for Nottinghamshire Day

Nottinghamshire County Council, have organised a day of themed activities which they say will celebrate our historic county’s unique identity, rich heritage and local traditions

Stalking incidents rise rapidly across Notts

There were 649 stalking incidents recorded last year from April to December.

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