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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Blow to hard-pressed Gedling borough residents with council tax bills expected to rise this April

Budget papers say Gedling Borough Council expects to continue increasing council tax at the maximum threshold for the next few years

BARGAIN OF THE YEAR: Carlton Male Voice Choir offer an evening’s entertainment for £1

With an estimated 100 performers on stage, it works out at around 1 penny per singer.  Where else could such excellent value for money be had in 2024?

Mapperley drink-drive suspect due in court after crashing into parked cars

A 26-year-old was bailed and is due to appear at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on March 5
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Elaine Bond

Elaine Bond: Don’t let Covid-19 infect your key values and beliefs

This month, Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond talks about how Covid-19 can challenge our key values and beliefs..

ELAINE BOND: Why does moving house become so stressful?

In this month's column Elaine talks about the best ways to manage stress when moving home...

Elaine Bond: Making relationships work during coronavirus lockdown

'We are in unknown territory and so are our relationships,' writes Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond

What is ‘gaslighting’? Our resident psychotherapy columnist Elaine Bond explains more about this form of emotional abuse

We have all read about gaslighting and how it affects us. But what exactly is it? Our resident mental health writer Elaine Bond explains more

Elaine Bond: Listen to your dreams because they are trying to tell you something

Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond says the analysis of dreams can be a really good way to look at what our subconscious is trying to tell us.

ELAINE BOND: What’s your life story? It’s time to have a look at your life script

Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond discusses how our life script can limit our freedom

ELAINE BOND: Here are the signs someone you know is a narcissist

Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond says the chances are, you've encountered a narcissist.

ELAINE BOND: You must find ways of silencing the critical parent inside your head

Elaine Bond is a trained counsellor who offers counselling services in Gedling. In this month's column she talks about silencing the inner parent...

ELAINE BOND: Compulsive hoarding – when clutter becomes a problem

Elaine Bond is a counselling service in Gedling. In this month's column she looks at what can trigger compulsive hoarding

ELAINE BOND: ‘False hope syndrome’ – the reasons why we’ll quit our New Year’s resolutions by February

The Gedling-based counsellor looks at reasons we make and then fail to stick to resolutions

ELAINE BOND: Shedding some light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

Elaine Bond is a counsellor from Gedling. In this month's column she shares some tips to help you avoid getting the winter blues

ELAINE BOND: Here’s some ways to beat burnout

Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond reveals the symptoms to look out for when work is becoming to much

ELAINE BOND: These are signs your job is making you ill

Elaine Bond is a Gedling-based counsellor. In this month's column for Gedling Eye she looks at the causes of work-related stress and ways to deal with it

Elaine Bond: Breaking free from a phobia

This month, Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond discusses how difficult it can be to break free from a phobia without professional help

Hiding our emotions can only cause misery

Elaine Bond is a counsellor from Gedling. In this month's column she encourages people to share how they feel

Elaine Bond: Don’t let OCD take over your life

This month's column focuses on condition that causes misery for millions

Elaine Bond: Time to take away the shame and fear from eating disorders

This month Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond looks tackles the truth behind the assumptions about eating disorders

Elaine Bond: Practise self-care in 2018 for a happier you

'Self-care is not big expensive treats or holidays, but it starts with some basic actions'

Elaine Bond: What happens when we start counselling or therapy?

Gedling-based counsellor talks about what will happen if you decide to seek help

Elaine Bond: Loneliness bad for physical and mental health

Latest column from Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond

Elaine Bond: Finding ways to cope with social anxiety

Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond shares ways to cope with social anxiety

Elaine Bond: The internet and our mental health

This month Elaine Bond, who runs a counselling service in Gedling, looks at what the internet is doing to our mental health

Elaine Bond: Don’t get stuck in the ‘drama triangle’

Gedling-based counsellor Elaine Bond looks at why people become miserable in relationships

Elaine Bond: You need to be more assertive…NOW!

Elaine Bond runs a counselling service in Gedling. In her latest column she talks about why you need to stand up for yourself and be more assertive
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