Gedling Homes reveal new ‘Mastarplan’ to help improve neighbourhoods for tenants

NEW FOCUS: Mark Vasey (Neighbourhood Manager) and Jemma Davey (Neighbourhoods Apprentice) at the launch of the Gedling Homes Mastarplans.

A scheme to improve neighbourhoods for tenants of a housing association was launched at an event in Gedling Country Park on Tuesday.

Gedling Homes unveiled its newly improved Neighbourhood ‘Mastarplans’ to partners and residents at the event in Café 1899 on Tuesday.

The star-rated ‘Mastarplans’ will help the housing association to improve local issues like anti-social behaviour, unemployment and health & wellbeing and ultimately make their neighbourhoods and communities better places to live.

The scheme has been developed in consultation with residents, partner agencies and staff. Their feedback has allowed Gedling Homes to measures performance and satisfaction in each neighbourhood against a set of actions. Using this information, the neighbourhoods are given and a star-rating system of 3, 4 and 5 stars (5 being the best), as well as a plan to improve the ratings. All 10 of the Gedling areas will have its own plan with bespoke interventions to help ‘lift’ the area.

NEW FOCUS: Mark Vasey (Neighbourhood Manager) and Jemma Davey (Neighbourhoods Apprentice) at the launch of the Gedling Homes Mastarplans.

Gedling Homes launched its first three-year neighbourhood plans in 2014 and in that time most neighbourhoods reported that they saw an improvement in their star rating.

Jason Cannon, director of Gedling Homes said: “These new neighbourhood ‘Mastarplans’ build on the work we’ve been doing over the last few years to improve the communities where we work.

“We are now focusing on new local priorities based on feedback from tenants who’ve helped us to say what work needs to be done and where.”

The ‘Mastarplans’ will also give tenants advice on how to make their money go further with handy tips and links to low-cost services.

Gedling Homes ‘Mastarplans’ are based on the system implemented by their partner New Charter Homes, a housing association based in Tameside, Greater Manchester which is also part of the Jigsaw Group. Their star-rated ‘Mastarplans’ were launched in early 2017 and they have already begun to see vast improvements in their neighbourhoods improve thanks to the plans.

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