Councillors dig deep to support project at Bridle Lodge in Burton Joyce

 Councillors dig deep to support project at Bridle Lodge in Burton Joyce

PICTURED: A young person taking part in the gardening project at Bridle Lodge and , right Cllrs Sam Smith and Michael Adams

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Two recently-elected councillors are digging deep to help a good cause in their local ward.

Cllrs Sam Smith and Michael Adams, who recently won election onto Gedling Borough Council, have donated £220 to support a project at a local residential centre in Burton Joyce for people with autism and learning disabilities.

The two responded to a plea from Bridle Lodge who are appealing for funds to refurbish their garden and polytunnel so young people at the centre can learn to grow, harvest and cook their own vegetables.

The project is called Seed to Feed.

The facility now has around half of the funds needed to repair the polytunnel.

But a day is now being organised where volunteers can help dig up the gardens at Bridle Lodge and transform them into vegetable patches.

Both Cllr Smith and Adams will be among volunteers taking part in the event on July 13 between 11am and 2pm.

The facility is now appealing for others to take part in the dig.

A spokesman for Creative Care, which runs the centre, said: “Although we do not yet have the funds to repair the polytunnel the young people have been plating seedlings for the garden, which is great news.

“We’re delighted by the brilliant support from Trent Councillors Sam Smith and Michael Adams for the funds and offering to volunteer at Bridle Lodge on Saturday. We now hope the weather is kind to us.

“Please join us if you are able to. Bacon butties and a cuppa will be thrown in.”

The councillors said: ” We’re delighted that we could donate to Bridle Lodge’s Seed to Feed project and look forward to helping out with the digging on Saturday.”

Please contact the manager of Bridle Lodge, Louise Jones, if you wish to take part in the event. You can find details here:



  • At a time when many are fearful of reducing funding for community, voluntary and what are for essential services and support, to read of local Councillors actively involved within their community, offering both physical and financial contributions the communities in which they live and represent.
    Perhaps there are many individuals and organisation who remain unaware that each Gedling Borough Councillor has access every year to community grants of £2000 to support groups and individuals from this public purse fund, which is affectionately called “the members pot”. is also available for each Councillor.
    A similar fund called the Divisional Fund is available to County Councillors to position overall funding in the order of £125,000 each year back to causes in the Borough.

  • Hi We would like to make it clear that this is not a charity project and we have never claimed to be a charity. The young people at our home are raising money for their Seed to Feed project as part of their care strategy. Creative Care EM Ltd are a Limited Company. We have asked Gedling Eye to alter this article to reflect this.

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