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Monday, May 16, 2022

Michael Payne selected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Gedling

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Michael Payne was today (15) selected as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Gedling.

Mr Payne is a Nottinghamshire County Councillor and has been Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council for 11 years.

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He was one of six candidates to speak at a hustings event prior to the vote, which was held at Bonington Theatre in Arnold for Labour Party members.

Speaking after his selection, Mr Payne said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been selected as the Parliamentary candidate for Gedling, it is a real honour.

Michael Payne
PHOTO: Neil Slack Photography

“I know this area so well and cannot wait to get started on my campaign. 

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“The people of Gedling, along with many other areas, have suffered for too long at the hands of this Conservative Government and have felt the impact of the cuts to public services and the cost of living crisis. 

“I’d like to thank the Labour Party members in Gedling for their support.  The fight to win Gedling back for Labour starts now.”


  1. Congratulations to Michael! In twenty minutes he displayed more dynamism and insight into Gedling than Mr Randall has shown in two years. As Michael says, we may now get an MP who represents Gedling in Westminster, rather than defends Westminster (Or the blue part of it) in Gedling. Let’s get behind this outstanding candidate and, when the time comes, help him see off the deceit, criminality, incompetence, rank cronyism and wilful divisiveness of the worst government in my seven decades.

  2. Potentially, the next election could see 2 ex Head Boys of Redhill Academy going head-to-head to represent Gedling in Westminster. Michael has been a great advocate for the people of Gedling for many years compared with Tom Randall who is, frankly, an embarrassment.
    Paul McFadden

    • ‘an embarrassment’
      You said it.
      Over the course of several weeks, as Johnson’s lies about Partygate were one-by-one blown out of the water, I begged Mr Randall, in a dozen e-mails, to simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether he thought the criminal PM should resign. Finally he replied, as expected, ‘No’. He also unequivocally supported Mr Sunak and his wife’s deceitful behaviour.
      The people of Gedling should know, going into the next election, that they have a choice between an apologist for a pack of one-rule-for-you-one-rule-for-us dissemblers and someone representing a party whose leader, in stark contrast and with massive integrity, has clearly stated his intention to resign for something trivial in comparison to Mr Johnson’s repeated, self-serving duplicities. We need to ensure that Michael Payne wipes the floor with our current mouthpiece of a ‘representative’ the next time we go to the polls.
      This goes beyond politics: it is a matter of integrity in public life.


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