Michael Payne enters race to be next MP for Gedling

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Michael Payne has entered the race to become Gedling‘s next MP.

Labour Party members will soon start the process of selecting their next parliamentary candidate who will stand against current MP Tom Randall in the next election.

The Arnold-born candidate said he decided to enter the running after feeling the area had been ‘let down’ over the past two years by the Conservative MP.

Mr Payne is currently deputy leader of Gedling Borough Council and also represents Arnold North on Nottinghamshire County Council.

He said: “We currently have the Member of Parliament Tom Randall and the one thing going for him is that he is from Arnold, but it’s not just about living here, it’s about delivering for here and I’ve been doing that for the last 12 years in my council roles.

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“I look at the votes from our Member of Parliament, whether it be voting against providing free school meals for kids during the pandemic or voting to pour raw sewage in the waterways and our rivers – or voting for what we see now: the highest tax burden for people who live here in Gedling since the 1940s, which is the highest since records began – it’s not right.

PICTURED: Michael Payne was at Gedling Country Park earlier today to launch his campaign (PHOTO: Neil Slack Photography)

“I can remember when Tom announced his candidacy and he said he wanted to be the Member of Parliament for Gedling so he could reward and recognise the hard work from people in Gedling. Well, he has a strange way of doing that when we see energy bills soaring through the roof; when we see tax rises their highest since 1940s – and he and the government are doing very little about it.

“I cant just stand by while my home town and while the place I owe everything to [Gedling] continues to be let down by this government and this member of parliament.

“Many residents have said to me over recent weeks that we need a strong voice; we need somebody to stand up for us who is routed in Gedling, who understands the issues and will argue for us down in Westminster. Over the last two years under Tom it feels like we’ve had a voice from Westminster to Gedling and not Gedling’s voice in Westminster and I cant stand by and let that happen.

PICTURE: Neil Slack Photography

“I feel that the businesses here, the community here and the people here deserve somebody who is routed here, knows Gedling, cares about Gedling, is from Gedling and is going to fight their corner.”

Mr Payne said the country faced a ‘big choice’ in the next General Election.

“When it comes to crunch issues I think there is a big choice facing the country in the next General Election,” he said.

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“We have the worst waiting times in the NHS since records began and before the coronavirus pandemic started they had already escalated from just over 2 milllion to 4.4 million, so let’s have none of this about the government telling us it’s about Covid

“One constituent I serve as councillor for Arnold rang me last week after tragically losing her husband. They had rang for an ambulance because he was really struggling with his breathing and they said ‘ring us back if it gets worse’. She pleaded for an ambulance to turn up and in the end it didn’t and he passed away at home. You sit there, you hear that and you feel powerless – and that’s why I want to become the Member of Parliament for Gedling because things have to change.”

A vote for who will be Labour’s parliamentary candidate will take place next month, with Jamie McMahon also hoping to be selected.


  1. Delighted to hear that Michael has officially entered the race to be the Labour Candidate for the Gedling Constituency seat.

    One glance at Michael’s record of delivery for Gedling (and wider Nottinghamshire) is all anyone needs to do and I have no doubt that he, and Labour, will throw out the anemic and simply lacklustre Tom Randall MP at the first opportunity.

  2. Michael was yr above me at Redhill, remember him as lovely guy always friendly. Would b so proud to see him represent r town! Kayleigh

  3. I don’t know about standing for the next MP he should stand for the next PM,you’ve got my vote, all the best Michael

  4. I emailed Tom Randall approx 10 months ago & am still waiting for a response! Not even an automatic reply was received! I’ve never seen him or spoke to him & didn’t vote for him! We need change in out constituency for someone who doesn’t care about us to someone who does! You’d have my support Micheal!

  5. Bravo Michael! Nice to read that you are still so engaged for your town. Here also our mayor Stéphane Hablot will stand to be elected as MP in June, after our presidential elections this month. Hoping to see you again some day. Michèle D.

  6. I would vote for him except for two reasons … Keir Starmer and John Clarke. Btw, did my previous comment get deleted. Is this an independent paper of a mouthpiece for Gedling council?


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