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Gedling Borough Council starts fresh consultation over plans to sell off land near Killisick Lane in Arnold


Fields in Arnold that are popular with local dog walkers could again be under threat of being sold off to developers.

Gedling Borough Council had previously consulted with residents in August last year about selling off the land near Killisick Lane and eventually made the decision not to proceed with the sale.

But the authority has now decided to launch a new consultation that they said was due to a number of factors, including new plans for homes to be built on adjacent private land, and the potential to extend and enhance the nearby Hobbucks Nature Reserve.

Killisick Lane
PICTURED: Killisick Lane
The land is owned by Gedling Borough Council

The council said the land would be used for housing, subject to a consultation and planning permission, if sold.

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Any revenue generated from a sale would be used to improve essential council services as well as be reinvested in the council owned The Hobbucks Nature Reserve, adjacent to the land. 

A consultation will be launched to get the views of local residents before any decision is made. Residents can have their say when the council publicly advertises its notice of intention to sell the land. This is a statutory requirement to ensure people can comment on the matter.

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke MBE said: “We listened to the views of some local residents and we did not go ahead with the sale of the land at the time. Since then, a number of things have changed that means we think it’s only right that we go back to the people and let them have their say on these new proposals.

“We now know that the owners of the nearby private land have marketed their land for housing development and a house builder is progressing plans, which significantly impacts our decisions regarding our land.

“We also cannot ignore the elephant in the room which is the fact that since we made the decision in April we are still one of the worst affected councils in the country in terms of government funding and we are being left with little choice but to look at ways to generate income so we can continue to provide services. 

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“We have been assured that the Hobbucks Nature Reserve will not only be preserved but could be improved and extended, which I am sure will be something that local residents who use the area will welcome. We think this new plan will meet the needs of our borough for new homes and will also ensure the local park and open space is enriched.”

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  1. After last nights planning meeting re the properties at the top of the GAR you’ll be lucky if they ask for the roads to be adopted in the new estate never mind tarmacked and as for sound nuisance – it is is apparently alright if you keep your double glazing closed, GBC will pass the developers planning – great in the summer that clever idea 🙂

  2. Rejected it in April. Elected in May. Now that the election is out the way for another 4 years, GBC’s Labour bosses fall back to their anti-green belt, anti-environment and anti-bio diversity stance and resume concreting over our green spaces.

  3. Need to sort that mess out on Rolleston Drive out since the builders went under that place is going to be trashed and become a real nuisance.

  4. Yet more green land, climate and nature are crying out for help. How many brown field sites are left to rot and not utilised . The sale of green sites to fund the council services? What will we see in benefits to us tax payers, I bet nothing. It’s SAD . Always the easiest option over inner city’s regeneration

  5. So we the residents protested once and you listened. but it wasn’t what u wanted so wait till elections are over and try again.veryvery disappointed in you GBC.

  6. This is a very good opportunity being offered by the council, an excellent compromise between the need to protect biodiversity and wildlife, whilst also providing land to meet a proportion of the Borough’s housing needs as set out in the Local Plan. Which I’m reliably informed the Tories voted for, even though as the hypocrite they are, they think they can pull the wool over peoples eyes. Investment in, protection and expansion of the Hobbucks Nature Reserve what’s not to like about that? Years of cuts and under funding by the Tories has hollowed out local government finance. Therefore the council has to raise funds to invest in local services. Also It really gets me when people who brought a house on what was once green fields not that long ago want to deny families the ability to buy a home as they have done, because it will be built on the field next to the house they brought? That’s pure not in my back yard behaviour and has nothing to do with protecting the environment. The reality is all brownfield sites in Gedling have either been built on already or are earmarked to be built on!

  7. The infrastructure needs sorting before any additional house building approved,
    Or just continue to ignore existing council tax payers
    This is all about extra money for GBC
    Parry Way do not need anymore raw sewage down the road, in the gardens, on the driveway
    Existing problems as just being ignored,
    The quality of life is deteriorating in this area
    A sad situation for senior residents


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