A group of mummers from Calverton have now turned to technology in a bid to keep their ancient play performance tradition alive during the UK lockdown – and also raise cash for Arnold Food Bank.

Each year, the Calverton Plough Boys act out the traditional St George’s Play in pubs around the borough on the nearest Saturday to the saint’s day – a tradition dating back hundreds of years.

But with pubs being forced to shut their doors due to the lockdown, the group have now turned to YouTube so they can entertain the masses virtually.

The group have managed to perform the play remotely, edit it together and have now made it available online as ‘the Isolation Edition’ of St George’s Play.

In return for their efforts, the Plough Boys are asking for donations to be made to the Arnold Food Bank in return.

Group member Simon Carter said: “We perform a traditional St George’s mummers play on the nearest Saturday to St George’s Day every year to raise funds for charity but this year the pubs are shut. 

 “So, instead, we’ve made a silly film to replace this year’s live performance, spliced together from our various places of isolation. We’ll be inflicting it on the World Wide Web on Saturday (April 25). We already feel very sorry for you!”

The group of volunteers performed the play remotely due to lockdown

He added: “Please watch and share the film to literally millions of your friends on social media. Be sure to also share our fundraising link, and donate a few quid to Arnold Food Bank, our chosen charity this year.”

You can donate to the group’s chosen charity Arnold Food bank via their dedicated JustGiving page here: https://justgiving.com/fundraising/arnoldfoodbankstg



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