‘Will you be calling on them to resign?’: Gedling councillor wants answers from local MP Tom Randall following Partygate fines

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UPDATED: Now with response from Tom Randall

Gedling Borough Council’s deputy leader has written to local MP Tom Randall after it was revealed Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now been fined by the Metropolitan Police for attending parties at Number 10 during lockdown.

Downing Street confirmed yesterday (12) that both Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak had been issued fixed penalty notices for breaking lockdown laws by attending parties while nationwide restrictions were in place.

Labour leader Keir Starmer has called for the pair to resign, as has the Covid 19 Bereaved Families for Justice group.

Following the arrests, Mr Payne shared a letter on social media he had written last night in the hope of getting a reaction from the Gedling MP.

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Cllr Payne wrote: “At least 419 people in Gedling borough have died from covid. We would have lost many more loved ones but for people doing the right thing by others and following the rules.

“Our residents followed the Government’s rules to keep themselves, their loved ones and their neighbours safe.

Boris Johnson Number 10
PICTURED: Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Rishi Sunak
PICTURED: Chancellor Rishi Sunak

“Meanwhile, Boris Johnson was breaking the rules he made by attending lockdown parties.”

Payne went on to call for the PM’s resignation and also get the views of Mr Randall.

“Given you also repeatedly called on people to follow your Government’s rules, will you now be calling on the Prime Minister and Chancellor to resign?” he wrote.

The Gedling MP this afternoon responded to the calls from Cllr Payne and said he accepted the Prime Minister’s explanation that there was no deliberate attempt to break the rules.

Mr Randall told Gedling Eye: “On June 19, 2020, the Prime Minister was working in the Cabinet Room – his usual place of work within Number 10 – when colleagues in the building that he had been working closely with on the UK’s pandemic response entered the room to wish him Happy Birthday. This lasted for less than ten minutes and had it been an encounter to discuss a work matter then I do not believe we would be debating it.

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“However, the Metropolitan Police has determined that this was a breach of the rules. I respect the Metropolitan Police’s decision as do the Prime Minister and Chancellor who have both apologised and paid their fines.

“Given the nature of this event, I accept the Prime Minister’s explanation that there was no deliberate attempt to break any rules. That said, this incident has taken place against a wider, concerning background of events that the Metropolitan Police and Sue Gray continue to investigate.

“I look forward to the swift conclusion of these investigations.”


  1. Keep bleating on with the same rubbish, just to get publicity is not doing any good for the Labour Party. The majority of constituents are sick and tired of this now and most of us know, that all political party’s have had members including Kier brake the rules. If truth be known, a lot of constituents broke the rules at least once. The phrase ‘Glass Houses’ comes to mind. Now can we move on with more important issues.

    • Could I politely ask you to explain to me what is more important than a Prime Min ister’s blatant disregard for the laws made by his own government and a Prime Minister LYING to Parliament and the electorate of his country? His deplorable behaviour brings democracy into disrepute. So, please: tell me what you have in mind that is bigger than undermining the rules by which our democratic society is pledged to obey?

    • ‘If truth be told a lot of constituents broke the rules at least once’
      Where is your evidence for this claim? The constituents I know stuck to the instructions to the letter. This is typical Tory smear tactics when faced with the fact that they have been caught out, I stood outside in freezing cold at the funeral of a friend because we obeyed the rules. So, less of the ‘we’re all as bad as each other’. We’re not – and it’s an insult to people who suffered much worse than me to make that groundless claim.

  2. Absolutely disgraceful, copy and paste response probably sent out to MPs by Conservative HQ surely? What is wrong with ANY members of the public who aren’t outraged by this?! People died. Their families STUCK TO THE RULES and couldn’t even be with their loved ones when they died. Seriously, is it just others who broke the rules as well who think that this means nothing? Johnson made the rules, and he broke them. This isn’t even up for debate, it’s a fact. The sooner this current shower are out the better, and I for one will vote tactically to get them out, whether that means voting Lib Dem, Labour, Green or even for an independent if they’re standing for the right thing and are in with a chance. It’s horrifying to see the comments from some real bootlickers here.

  3. Look, it’s simple:
    The Prime Minister of this country knowingly broke the rules/laws that he himself had put in place to protect us all and which he cynically urged us all to follow.
    He then lied to Parliament about this. (Which the ministerial code CATEGORICALLY regards as a non-negotiable resigning matter)
    He still has not actually accepted that he did anything wrong – only that the Met caught him at it.
    He is the FIRST EVER PM to be criminally sanctioned
    He hides – disgracefully – behind the Daily Mail readers’ idiotic ‘There’s a war on’ smokescreen. (The war’s in Ukraine, Stupid! And we changed ‘leaders’ (sic) in both World Wars.)
    What does he have to do for people to kick him out? This man is a disgrace and utterly unfit for public office. It has nothing to do with Labour/Conservative politics: this is a moral issue. Only Tory prejudice blinds the ones who got us into this mess in the first place from admitting the utter shame of having this dishonest criminal as our representative.

  4. totally disengenuous of Johnson to say he wasn’t aware of breaking the rules he himself made and spent many television minutes outlining them and asking the public to follow. Tom Randall is condoning his party leader lying to both parliament and the general public. Come the next election he will be asking those same people to believe what he promises them. One only has to look at the promises made in the last tory manifesto – no rise in tax, national insurance and protecting pensions to name a few – to realise the conservatives word has zero credibility. It’s not a matter of having a few drinks after work its a matter of lying in parliament and disrespecting the people in whose name he governs.
    It is a resigning matter

  5. The world is going to hell, and this ridiculous story keeps getting raised by our media. I don’t give a damn.


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