VIDEO: Brave volunteers enter Ukraine in ambulances to drop off essential supplies donated by residents from Carlton and Netherfield

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A team of brave volunteers taking essential supplies donated by Carlton and Netherfield residents to Ukraine have shared a video of them travelling by road into the war-torn country

The footage shows them whizzing past military forces who are heading to the frontline to battle the Russian army trying to invade parts of the country.

Ukrainian-born Krystian Rease, who works in Netherfield, has travelled with a group of friends to deliver supplies donated by the towns in two ambulances that will also be handed over to help his fellow countrymen as they try to fight off the Russian invasion. 

More than 100 bags of vital supplies were collected after generous pub regulars at It’s Inn The Bank in Netherfield and Fox and Hounds in Carlton donated essential supplies that included nappies, baby food, toiletries and medicines for those trying to flee the county or hide as towns and cities are bombarded by Russian forces.

PICTURED: It’s Inn The Bank landlord David Murphy, left with Monika, centre, and Krystian Rease (PHOTO: Neil Slack Photography)
Ambulance Netherfield Ukraine
Ambulances full of donations from residents left Netherfield for Ukraine on Thursday (PHOTO: Neil Slack Photography)

The two ambulances, which will be used to help treat those injured during the conflict, were paid for following donations from Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn, with owner Rob Yong and members raising £10k to pay for the emergency vehicles.

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Mr Rease is hoping donations continue and hopes to make a follow up journey in the coming weeks if more donations are made.

Landlord of It’s Inn The Bank, David Murphy praised the community last week when Krystian left with the donations sent in by residents in Carlton and Netherfield.

He said: “Krystian was overwhelmed by the generosity of local residents. He picked up 30 bags from us and 110 bags in total.

“He filled the ambulances up with our donations and with four of his friends has now headed out to Ukraine.

“Everyone at the pub wishes them all a safe journey and applauds his bravery.”


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