Vaccine booking warning issued by medics as under 80s try to get jabbed at Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton

 Vaccine booking warning issued by medics as under 80s try to get jabbed at Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton

PICTURED: Tentside Medical Group have issued the warning

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People are being told not to book appointments for the Coronavirus vaccine at a new jab centre in Carlton unless they are over 80 years old.

The warning comes from Trentside Medical Group, who run the main surgery in Netherfield, after reports that those under 80 have started to try and make appointments at the new vaccine centre that opened yesterday at the Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton.

The notice states: “We are aware that some people may be booking their COVID vaccine appointments at Richard Herrod Centre through Swift Queue without waiting for their official letter. Whilst this is permissible, it is for over 80 year olds only at this moment.

“Please be aware that if you book an appointment slot and you are NOT over 80 years of age, it will not be accepted at the receiving end, and you will be turned away when you get there.

Netherfield Medical Centre
PICTURED: Trentside Medical Group run the new medical centre on Ashwell Street in Netherfield (PICTURE: Gedling Eye)
Vaccination Gedling
People are now being vaccinated at the Richard Herrod Centre in Carlton

“This means that the appointment will have been wasted and this will likely slow down the vaccine roll out programme, and delay your vaccine.”

The plea continued: “Please don’t try to book in unless you are over 80 years of age. Wait for NHS to write to you.”

Those eligible for the jab are also being asked to have their NHS number to hand when turning up for their dose.

AN NHS spokesman said:”Please make sure you and your family all dig out your NHS number and have a copy of it immediately to hand for when you or they are called for the COVID jab.

“From my colleagues on the front line this is far and away the biggest bottle neck when it comes to administering the vaccine to as many people as quickly as possible. Please also take ID with you like.a passport or driving licence.”



  • The Swift Queue website it partly to blame for under eighties turning up for covid jabs at Richard Herrod. The Swift Queue website confirms appointments for under eighties even though dates of birth have to be entered during the online form filling process. People believe that they have succeeded in making an appointment, only to turn up at the appointed time to discover that they have not got the requisite confirmation number or an appointment. If in doubt, one might check the available NHS information, but this does not help. The 14th January NHS guidance on local vaccination services deployment states that patients are screened on arrival by checking their names and addresses against the booking system records. Elsewhere you are advised to bring your NHS number and a form of ID. No mention of confirmation number. Not surprising therefore that under eighties are turning up at Richard Herrod believing that they have made valid appointments.
    In our case, we were encouraged by a concerned GP to try to get early appointments for vaccination, even though we are both under eighty. My wife is quadraplegic (paralised from the neck down) and extremely vulnerable by virtue of her diminished lung function. On NHS insistence she is shielding, but she remains at significant risk due to her contact with a team of eight visiting carers 24/7, some of whom also visit other patients. In reality, my wife is as vulnerable as any care home resident I am her main carer.
    It was both embarassing and annoying to be turned away this afternoon.

  • This is a joke. I have received a letter and registered with Swift Queue. First attempt said no appointments available. I rang the NHS patient experience team and got a recorded message saying to ring after 28th Jan. Had another go with Swiftqueue. Various appointments available at different centres. Clicked on a time and after going through procedure told that appointment had been taken! This happened several times. Then tried again at the Forest and got an appointment for 4.30 today. This went through and then told me I’m not eligible despite the fact I gave a letter. We are all stressed enough without having to put up with this nonsense.

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