New camera car and toolkits to help tackle problem of parking outside schools in Gedling borough

A new camera car and toolkits for head teachers are being introduced as part of a crackdown on anti-social parking outside schools in Gedling borough

The new toolkits will give advice to schools on how to tackle parents who park dangerously outside their gates. The kits will be sent to headteachers who ask for help, advising them on what assistance is available.

A third camera car is also being brought by Nottinghamshire County Council to help identify persistent offenders.

It comes after a full review of road safety outside schools in the area found that parking was one of the main issues headteachers were facing.

Nottinghamshire County Council also had a meeting on the issue earlier today.

The council’s education boss councillor Philip Owen said: “We have to be realistic that we are never going to solve the problem in its entirety.

“Road safety around schools is pretty good. The real issue is parking around schools. It’s a huge inconvenience, albeit for a relatively short period of time.

PICTURED: One of the council’s CCTV cars

“So we are suggesting a new partnership initiative, and the purchase of a camera car with a mounted camera which can take pictures of people parked in areas where they shouldn’t be parking.

“We are also proposing we produce a new tool kit to help schools.

“Headteachers are already very proactive, but I don’t expect them to have to go out and confront parents.

“The toolkit will be a support for those head teachers who want to develop relationships with the community, the council and the police about improving the situation, and will set out what measures we have at our disposal.”

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The new approach was approved unanimously by the Conservative-led county council this morning (April 4.)

Labour councillor John Peck, who represents Sherwood Forest, said in his time as a headteacher he was often forced to be a warden.

“It shouldn’t be the duty of a headteacher to be a parking warden, but I did for 20 years.

“Thankfully, there are very few accidents , although every single one that takes place is a tragedy.

“I think everything in this report is worth trying, but if we think it’s going to go away then it isn’t.”

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