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Tony Cave: Hourly Saturday service from Carlton Station to start in May

Local train enthusiast Tony Cave has adopted both stations in Carlton and Netherfield. In his monthly column he updates us about all the latest happenings on our local railway…


Annual station usage figures

25,168 passengers used Carlton Station during May 2014 to April 2015, latest figures released this week have shown. This is up from 20,298 who used the station in 13-14. 6,050 passengers used Netherfield Station during the same period.

Netherfield Station

Off-peak return tickets to Skegness are available on the 8.30am train, now that the cut-off time between peak and off peak fares at this station is 8.44am. Remember that on Saturdays the train leaves earlier at 8.48am.


Monday to Friday peak time restrictions end at 8.30am; however, I have been told by regular passengers that they were asked to pay the peak-time fare on the 9.07am Matlock train when travelling to Nottingham or Leicester. This is incorrect and unfortunately may have deterred some who use the trains occasionally, from using them again. Let me know if you encounter this problem, as we need all the passengers we can get.

Another problem that has been mentioned to me is the interavailability of tickets between Carlton and Netherfield stations. A local arrangement sanctioned by East Midlands Trains said a ticket purchased for either station will be valid for both. It appears some staff aren’t aware of this. As it is a local arrangement it doesn’t appear in the local fares manual, and that is probably where the problem arises.

Train to Liverpool

Not many know that there is a direct train from Netherfield to Liverpool. The 8.33am Monday to Saturday is the one weekday train, whilst on Sunday it leaves at 13.22pm. A Liverpool to Norwich train also calls at Netherfield at 17.32 on Sundays only.

All change on Saturdays

From May 21, Carlton Station will get an hourly daytime train service, more or less the same as weekdays. Sadly, though, if you are going to Lincoln, it will now mean a change of trains on Saturdays. If you are going to Derbyshire though, the chance is you won’t have to change.

If you are going to Lincoln on a Saturday, you can catch a train to Newark at 8am. If you wish to go on to Lincoln there will be a 10 minute wait for a Lincoln train at Newark. After this the wait will be 30 minutes. You could go to Nottingham and catch a train directly to Lincoln from there.

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