Opening hours extended at Calverton Recycling Centre

 Opening hours extended at Calverton Recycling Centre
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People are being urged to make the most of Calverton Recycling Centre‘s longer opening hours over the summer months.

The centre on Hollinwood Lane is now open from 8 am right through until 8 pm every day from today (August 1) until Wednesday, September 30.

Nottinghamshire County Council is reminding people that the site is social distancing so there may still be queues at times.

Nottinghamshire County Councillor Phil Rostance, vice chair of the Communities and Place Committee said: “We’re delighted that we are now in a position to extend the opening hours at Calverton Recycling Centre.

“With the current social distancing restrictions in place we are seeing queues. We hope that by extending the opening hours residents will choose to visit a site during the evening which tends to be a quieter time and avoid queues.

PICTURED: The council’s recycling facility in Calverton

The Nottinghamshire Recycling Centres accept a wide range of household waste for recycling; including textiles, glass bottles and jars, wood, scrap metal, batteries, garden waste, electrical appliances and even engine oil and cooking oil. On average, the Recycling Centres recycle an impressive 80% of the waste they receive.

Top tips to remember when visiting your local Recycling Centre:

• For your own safety and the safety of others using the sites please ensure you adhere to the social distancing requirements on site. Only one person per gantry or skip at a time.

• If assistance is needed, please ask a member of staff as they are still able to offer advice, but at the moment are not able to physically help you move your waste and recyclables.

• A visit will be quicker if your waste is sorted into types and will help us recycle as much as possible as we can’t currently do any sorting on site.

• Don’t forget you need to be a Nottinghamshire resident and registered to use our Recycling Centres, and will be turned away if not. Register for free at:

• Trade waste, commercial waste, or waste from home building projects can’t be taken to the Recycling Centres. You must only take your own personal household waste.

• Sensible footwear must be worn when visiting the Recycling Centres and waste must be placed into skips carefully to avoid injury.

• Children and animals must stay in vehicles at all times.


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