Go slow: Call for traffic-calming measures on road ‘used like a race track’ outside Killisick Junior School in Arnold

 Go slow: Call for traffic-calming measures on road ‘used like a race track’ outside Killisick Junior School in Arnold

PICTURED: Killisick Road outside Killisick Junior School in Arnold

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Parents and councillors are calling for traffic-calming measures near a school in Arnold amid fears over safety.

They want traffic measures put in place outside Killisick Junior School and along Killisick Road.  

The route has been identified as ‘a hotspot’ by parents and it’s claimed cars often speed along the road, with families now calling on Nottinghamshire County Council to take urgent action.

In a petition, local people have called on the council to deliver traffic calming measures outside the school.

It also calls for electronic speed awareness signs and markings to help enforce a strict 20-mile speed limit.

A post on the petition page reads: “We believe that unless something is done to make the road outside Killisick Junior School safe then It will only be matter of time before a very serious or fatal accident occurs. “

PICTURED: Councillor Henry Wheeler

Gedling Borough Councillors Henry Wheeler and Marje Paling are also calling on Nottinghamshire County Council, who manager the borough’s roads, to act.

Mr Wheeler told Gedling Eye: “Residents have contacted both myself and Cllr Marje Paling about speeding in this area.

“Killisick Junior School is on a main bus route and is very straight and is subject to inconsiderate parking and very dangerous speeding motorists, who use Killisick Road like a race track.

“It’s time something was done to make this road safe. There is nothing on Killisick Road to slow speeding motorists down – and that is why we are taking action

“There have been many near misses and bumps.

“Children need to be able to cross this road safely and pedestrians and other road users should not be living in constant fear of law-breaking reckless driving.  Enough is Enough.  

“It’s time to act before someone is either seriously injured or a fatality occurs.   It’s shouldn’t take a fatality before action is taken to improve road safety.”

You can sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/nottinghamshire-county-council-help-killisick-junior-school-improve-road-safety-on-killisick-road


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