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‘Who decided that a helter-skelter, Ferris wheel and festive market were appropriate for a Tier 3 area?’: Gedling MP Tom Randall demands answers from Nottingham City Council after crowding at Christmas event


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Gedling MP Tom Randall has told Nottingham City Council that people across the borough are feeling ‘immense frustration and anger’ over their decision to allow this year’s Christmas market to go ahead – despite the area being in tier 3 restrictions.

The market was suspended after 24 hours, before being scrapped altogether, after pictures showed huge crowds of people, with little or no social distancing evident.

In a letter to City Council leader David Mellen, sent yesterday (December 7), Mr Randall wrote: “Who decided that a helter-skelter, a Ferris wheel and a Christmas market were appropriate for a Tier 3 area?

“This weekend, I have received dozens of e-mails, as well as tweets and Facebook comments, from my constituents complaining about Nottingham City Council’s decision to hold a Christmas market in the Old Market Square.

“Saturday’s market was described as ‘rammed’. 

“We know the problem that we face: rates of Covid cases amongst the over-60s, while falling, remain high, as are the number of local hospital beds occupied by Covid patients. These are the reasons why Nottingham, and its suburbs, have been put into Tier 3 restrictions. 

“You will understand the immense frustration and anger of owners of hospitality businesses in Gedling, who have been forced to close their business, while watching hundreds flock to your Christmas market. You will also understand their worry that, if your market helped to spread COVID, the lifting of those restrictions could be delayed further.”

PICTURED: Loxley House

Mr Randall has now asked for answers from the council over their decision to hold the event and also about the safety measures that were meant to be in place.

Nottingham City Council’s Dave Trimble, who is responsible for major events in the city, has since issued a public apology, calling the decision to hold the Christmas market ‘a mistake’.

He said: “I think hindsight is a wonderful thing, and given what we know now, absolutely we definitely got it wrong, and I’m very very sorry for that.

“Certainly anything else that happens during this time we will certainly not be putting any new events on.

“The market started off quite well, but during the afternoon and early evening it went wrong.

“There were three things that went wrong: there was the food offer – with the restaurants being closed, a lot of people went there at the same time;  the opening up of non-essential shops across the country – so there was a lot of pent-up demand there, we had taken the view that with all the other shops being open the market would be a part of that; and the third one was a really selfish group of around 200 people who gathered at the council house, and decided to have a party.

“What we had to do is act as quickly as possible, and we reacted by announcing we wouldn’t be opening it the next day, and quickly after that we decided we would be closing it for the whole duration.”

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  1. Sorry is just not good enough Councillor Triple.
    You know what the Covi situation in Nottingham is. ” why take the risk.

  2. I personally think Nottingham county council knew what they were doing and choosing to ignore comments made before the opening of the market, “sorry we made a mistake” is not good enough, the person(s) making and allowing the market to open should step down from their civic duties, no ifs or buts

  3. The government need to carry out a full & thorough enquiry into why the desicion was passed. Secondly, the seemingly close relationship between the council & mellors group and finally, seek to remove the leaders from their positions with immediate effect given the financial plight they have placed the city with their blatantly obvious neglect of tax payers hard earned money whilst they skim the cream from the top. They are clearly not fit for purpose.

  4. Why all this hysteria about the Christmas market ? The chances of catching covid outside are minimal at the very least . People are falling for the rubbish put out by government amd scientists. Please someone tell me how many people have caught covid outside . Tom Randall hsmf your head im shame you and your government are killing businesses through unnecessary lockdowms etc
    Instead you should be getting us out of this awful dictatorship we are living in

    • Yeah come on Rik, what do those pesky scientists know about this infectious disease that has spread worldwide over the past year and killed hundreds of thousands of people?

      Wake up sheeple, I know a bloke who used to be found down the pub who had all the answers you need!

      • Ok so you know better because your believing all the rubbish your being spoon fed .. what is the rush to get a so called vaccine out there tha .. doesnt stop you getting covid .. doesnt stop it spreading.. just lessons the effects on ppl ..or so they say … Bill Gates has been pushing for this and has refused his children the vaccine … it’s a scandal of huge proportion on a world scale… when will people not see this … you believe your government who have skimmed off the top dodged taxes broke all the lockdown rules and have constantly made a mess….

  5. March 2020, Covid-19 legislation stipulates no gatherings. Why hasn’t the police arrested Nottingham’s councillors and Mellors?

  6. Devils advocate: the reason restrictions need to be there are because people cannot self manage. It got packed like sardines because people don’t think for themselves, just look at the lack of facemasks in town. Could have been set up better sure but God forbid the council try to set something up for people.

  7. Can’t respond to such failing decisions,are these people capable? Learn the rulings and adapt accordingly.

  8. Don’t forget the poor stall holders in all this who were probably relying on some sort of income from this, are they going to be compensated… rather than cancelling this completely actually putting some safety measures in place to allow the event to take place would have been a better solution… distancing the attractions, one way routes, compulsory mask wearing, cordoned with entry count… you name it all sorts that could have been done!!

    • And of course…people could have used their common sense & done all those precautions u r suggesting for them selves. Always blame someone else…how old r u !!

  9. I total agree, in what way was this ever allowed to go ahead. I’ve had dealings with Dave Trimble and he’s wasn’t a nice person when he spoke to me. We had a petition to stop a fair outside a care home, but it still went ahead.

  10. Get a grip, the lot of you!

    Its brainwashed idiots like you that are causing more lockdown and restrictions.

    Non mask wearers technically should be dead by now with your so called killer virus!
    A virus so deadly, that you have to queue up with no symptoms to be told you have it!!
    A virus so deadly, you’ll queue up like brainwashed, braindead sheep to have the same killer virus injected into you!

    You obey everything you are told to do, by a government that has absolutely no concern at all about you, but to control you!
    You never question the rhetoric at all. If you were told to crawl on the floor because a virus was hovering 3 foot from the ground, you’d probably do it!
    Have you never questioned why hospitals won’t let you in wearing a cloth mask!? Because they DON’T work!
    All you’ll get from muzzling your face, is carbon dioxide inhalation, causing bacterial build up and potentially bacterial pneumonia…….if bad enough, a killer!
    A type of flu doesn’t kill……only compromised subjects with underlying conditions, as it has for years and years.
    Do your damn research and research REAL figures over the years.

    YOU are the virus, NOT what you’re brainwashed to believe from a government and deepstate that are aiming for population control and world control in EVERY aspect.

    Gedling MP is a puppet of the Deepstate, along with the other evil, money grabbing, lying leeches!

    • You’ve absolutly hit the nail on the head there jaquelynne couldnt have worded it any better

      • I have never agreed with anything Randall says, mainly because he’s an unreelectable weirdo, but I totally agree with this; what a stupid decision.

    • I will pass your comments on to my two friends who caught covid… Unfortunately they can’t respond because they’re both unfortunately dead. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Have you seen 1st hand the effects of covid-19 has on the body when it takes hold ???, I HAVE.
      And its utter morons like you that are a disgusting stain on civil society, you are clearly anti government and will deliberatly go against advice that protects the vulnerable from catching it. This isnt about stopping you catching the virus its about stopping you spreading a potential killer. I wont be taking any vaccine unless needed, i’m not a brain washed sheep and in the same respect i’m not responsible for potentially killing a vulnerable person. Clearly YOU view this in a brain washed capacity and you are one of those responsible for vulnerable members of society contracting a potentially life threatening or life altering virus. And enforcing further restrictions on civil liberties.
      Pull your head out of a dark hole and respect others.

    • *applauds* love this response. Finally someone who says it how it is and now how it’s perceived by the general (and general naive) public!

  11. Councill close to bankruptcy they needed the funds I’m tired been sheilding since February but it amazes me the amount of People I see on TV still not wearing mask , a government failing in duty of care not making mask wearing law and people thinking they are immune

  12. Arghh jackie…I just so hope you or your loved ones contract this virus and then be free to spout your utter ” government hating nonsense…wish you could take the place of one of the 62,000 in box

  13. Best thing is one of the council members actually have a vested interest in the market so of course they all decided to let the market go ahead because heaven forbid they don’t get their yearly bonus the market gives him. This is a huge show of one rule for one one rule for another.
    What we should be wondering if where are their fines? The market was packed full how many of them got fined for breaking rules?

  14. Also for people who say you cant die from a flu. No you can, lots if people used to die from the flu and from virus’ just look at history. Doctors and scientists came up with injections and medicine to stop them dying now we benefit from their hard work over all these centuries.
    Plagues were a thing, dying from the flu or the common cold was a thing. Now days we are benefiting from technology and other peoples hard work. This is our deadly virus and a lot of people sit on their arses calling bullshit. Do you take vaccines when you were told it wiuld stop you being ill? Do you take medicine when you feel shit? Do you listen to doctors when your ill and take anything they hand you with a promise it’ll help? If its yes then sit your ass back down, if you don’t want to listen to the government ask a doctor or a nurse they are risking themselves to help others the least you can do is listen to the rules and give them respect by following them.

  15. As mistakes go that was pretty small, Gedlings voters made a far larger one to vote you in. At least they could just take the helter-skelter down over night, we are going to have to put up with you for another 3 years.

  16. If the council leaders do not have the foresight to see this event was going to go horribly wrong, then they should resign now.

    This council should also be fined £10,000 and I would like to know how much the council paid for this event to happen?


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