Gedling Borough Council contribute to study looking at extending tram network to Netherfield and Gedling Country Park

 Gedling Borough Council contribute to study looking at extending tram network to Netherfield and Gedling Country Park

Gedling Borough Council has contributed £50,000 to a study looking into extending the tram network to Netherfield and Gedling Country Park it has been revealed.

Nottingham City Council is currently looking into a plan which could see the tram lines extended, and possibly even new lines added.

Now, it has emerged that Gedling council contributed cash to the study, along with Rushcliffe Borough Council, which contributed £10,000.

The study, which is being led by the city council, will look at potential new routes, with one priority being an extension from Clifton to the new 3,000-home development on land off the A453, in Rushcliffe.

Cllr John Clarke, the leader of Gedling Borough Council, has said previously that the tram network should use the ‘mineral lines’, which were once used as train lines to transport coal from pits.

He said the tram could extend along the lines – which would lower the initial cost – to Gedling Country Park, where a park and ride could be built.


A spokesman for Gedling Borough Council confirmed the spend.

He said: “Gedling Borough Council is very supportive of the plans to extend the tram network and has contributed £50,000 towards the study.

“We want to see the trams extended to this region and see improved transports links with the city.

“This feasibility study could open up some fantastic opportunities and we will make sure that our residents are treated as a priority when any plans are drawn out.”

Speaking after the feasibility study was made public, the leader of Nottingham City Council said: “Nottingham’s tram network has gone from strength to strength, with the latest figures showing a significant rise in passenger numbers, and we are continuing to look at options for future extensions.

“The immediate priority is to start on an extension from the Clifton South Park and Ride to provide access ready for the 3,000 new homes and employment developments planned just outside Clifton off the A453.

“We also want to maximise the benefits of the East Midlands HS2 Hub at Toton, which we hope will include a short extension to the tram network from the stop in Toton Lane, providing access from HS2 to key destinations in the west of the city.

“This funding will pay for feasibility studies to look at these extension, and based on potential future funding we’d also like to look at longer term plans to explore extensions to Gedling Colliery, Netherfield and Gamston, allowing us to increase the tram’s reach into the east of the city.

“Together these would enable us to create an even more connected network, offering a high quality alternative to the car and further helping to reduce congestion around Greater Nottingham.”

Kit Sandeman, Local Democracy Reporter

Kit Sandeman, Local Democracy Reporter


  • When considering the tram extension PLEASE DO NOT consider taking away any more of our Gedling Country Park.

  • A tram would not affect the Gedling Country Park at all as it would follow the old railway line.

  • £ 50.000 is a lot of money just to hear a overpaid penmusher spout wat we already know give it me and I will have a holiday on the money then come back and spout garbage.

  • I’m sure £50.00o could have been put to better use like repairing pot holes in the roads

  • Why waste all this money on a study which we all know the results of? It will cost £ millions of pounds which will have to raised by cash strapped councils. It will no longer come from European grants so who will raise the money? I do not believe the work parking tax can be increased and I cannot wait for the next tax the Councils bring in, although the new bus lanes on Colwick loop road and probably being a bit of an earner???

  • Why Nottingham continues with this white elephant is beyond me.this county has the best bus network in the country outside London. The money thrown at this could & should have been used in a more sensible way

  • They’ve been talking about this for years. Just get on with it.

  • Before we spend millions on another transport network….fix the one we already have and do some serious road resurfacing. Filling in potholes is like papering over the cracks. its now ridiculous just how bad Carlton, Gedlings roads are.

  • Anyone who imagines that the Gedling tram could follow the line of the old railway hasn’t seen it lately. The tracks and sleepers were taken up years ago and the land is now feral. Actually, that’s no bad thing, as there is plenty of wildlife thriving there now. Also, the route veers well away from local housing and is not going to provide useful drop off and pick up points for passengers. The idea is a pipe dream, and it would, as someone said, ruin what is left of the so called country park even more.

  • will gedling business etc have to parking levy for the tram like the business in Nottingham

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