Council leaders want fourth road bridge over the River Trent for motorists at Victoria Retail Park

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Two council leaders say they want to see a fourth road bridge built over the River Trent in Nottingham to ease congestion problems across the county.

The new bridge – which could be built near Colwick Industrial Estate and Victoria Park – would be open to vehicles.

But major Government investment to the tune of around £50m would be needed to make the vision a reality.

Discussions on a new Nottingham bridge for motorists have been in the pipeline for decades.

Gedling Borough Council says it has conduced two feasibility studies in the past and welcomes plans to bring the proposal to life.

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Ben Bradley, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council and Conservative MP for Mansfield, said the campaign to bring a fourth bridge to Nottinghamshire was being led by fellow Conservative and Gedling MP Tom Randall.

He said: “This is very much Tom Randall’s campaign, and although supportive of it, as like all major projects it needs significant Government funding to get it off the ground.”

There are currently five bridges connecting Nottingham city with the south bank of the Trent.

Tom Randall
PICTURED: The bridge campaign is being led by Gedling MP Tom Randal

Clifton Bridge, Trent Bridge and Lady Bay Bridge serve all road traffic.

Wilford Toll Bridge is open to trams, cycles and pedestrians. Lastly the Wilford Suspension Bridge is a cycle and pedestrian only crossing.

But between Lady Bay Bridge, the most easterly of the five crossings, and the next road route over the river out at Gunthorpe, there is currently a distance of just over nine miles – around a twenty minute journey by car.

Government money to the tune of £9.2m has already been secured for a pedestrian and cycle bridge at Trent Basin, east of Lady Bay Bridge and the City Ground, which is due to be opened in Spring 2023.

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This bridge will provide better access between West Bridgford, Lady Bay and the city centre as well as Colwick Park from the south of the river.

But council leaders now want to see another bridge built that would be open to motorists and ease congestion problems on Trent Bridge.

Cllr John Clarke (Lab), leader of Gedling Borough Council, said the local authority has been fighting to bring another bridge to  serve motorists for years.

“This bridge will make things a lot better because there will be a freer movement of vehicles, especially as we move to electric and more energy efficient vehicles,” he said.

“Traffic is currently jammed on Trent Bridge and is not much fun. It will be a massive benefit to Gedling and Newark and Sherwood. We have done two feasibility studies that show it is feasible to build it.

“The figure would be about £50m. The best place to put it would be the back of Victoria Park.

“It would also create an easier route to places like Bingham and Holme Pierrepont. It is a win, win. We need this bridge for our infrastructure and local economy.”


  1. That money needs to be spent on climate change, NHS and Education. Not another bridge. Retail parks can deliver and receive delivery’s. So stop banging your chests like a gorilla and leave it alone.

  2. i not only think but know we need another bridge around the colwick area to improve transport and make better links – it would also improve this area’s economy and attract investors into the area. congestion is sometimes so bad it deters people wanting to live and work in the nottingham south area. in my opinion this bridge is very much overdue

    • Link the Access road and A46. It’s a 3 mile straight line to the south side of Gunthorpe Bridge. Then lorries can come in and service the area, without using the current bridges. From Arnold round through Gedling, everyone heading south would go that way, not through the city. Even if they wanted Radcliffe where the current plans take the bridge. They would still fly out to Bingham and come back on the A52, if Burton Joyce got this bypass that they also need. Radcliffe and Burton Joyce have wanted a bypass for years. An A46 route gives them one.

  3. It is crazy that this keeps getting kicked into the long grass, there has been talk (and need) of a bridge for about 30 years and all the time, the traffic gets worse, yet they still allow more houses to be built in the commuter belt, that then use the existing routes and further increase traffic. The amount of traffic that unnecessarily comes in towards town, on one river bank, only to cross at lady bay bridge and then head out on the other, shows the need.

    • The A52 at Radcliffe, can’t take the Burton Joyce/A46 traffic. Radcliffe has needed a bypass since the last one was built. There is no scope for one though. Or widening. So letting that BJ traffic over to ROT is about as it sounds. As an inner ringroad idea it’s appealing, but the diversion of BJ traffic would be foul.

      I actually work on one bank, and am moving to the other. Right around Sainsbury. Selfishly I would love a bridge there. It’s not what Nottingham needs though. We need a link of importance. A 3 mile straight from the access road to south of Gunthorpe Bridge. A46 and A1 access, for when it goes wrong to the west of the city. Which it does, regularly.

  4. This is all too ‘my back garden’ based for national level funding. Access to Holme Pierrepont? Like the 1.2 Million Regatta Way cycle path, which is a useless pavement widening scheme. Going nowhere, when that area needs a path to the new cycle bridge. Just no thought at all.

    Nottingham relies heavily on the M1. Any issues over that side and it’s gridlock. While the A46 and A1 just sit there. A bridge out to Radcliffe puts us on their bypass, which has needed a bypass for decades. Nottingham needs a bridge somewhere around the access road, but connecting to the A46. The route is available, and much of it due to be gravelled, so major earthworks already happening. From the access road, it’s past the sewerage, over near Shelford, then connect south of Gunthorpe Bridge. A useful connection nationally. Lots of traffic over our bridges goes right out to Bingham, and given how good the A46 is, lots more would leave town that side to head south. Our reliance on the M1 limits our trading ability. Skipping over to Radcliffe won’t help when Clifton bridge next needs a service. Which is the incident driving this renewed interest. It’s all misplaced.

    To support the next major bridge closure, or M1 closure, we need the security of an A46/A1 connection. Not one that relies on an existing bottleneck though. It won’t work. We need to skip past Radcliffe, straight to the A46, in order to have a freeway of sorts. That’s a project that deserves national recognition.


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