Petition calls for Gedling Borough Council to declare climate emergency and become carbon neutral by 2025

 Petition calls for Gedling Borough Council to declare climate emergency and become carbon neutral by 2025
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A petition has been set up calling on Gedling Borough Council to declare a climate emergency and work to become carbon-neutral by 2025.

Carlton resident Ciaran Hickey is calling on the authority to join over 100 other councils across the UK and fully commit to tackling climate change.

So far over 175 people have so far signed the petition.

The petition states it wants ‘Gedling Borough Council to declare a climate emergency and review the council’s current carbon reduction plans to establish the actions needed to be compatible with 1.5 degrees warming and to bring the timescale forward to 2025.’

“Further we ask the council to call on government to give Gedling Borough Council the powers and funding to enable Gedling Borough Council to become carbon neutral by 2025 .’


It added: “We welcome action by the London Assembly, Bristol City Council and other city councils around the world declaring and committing resources to tackling the climate emergency and becoming carbon neutral regions by 2030 at the latest.”

Mr Hickey, who is also a member of Extinction Rebellion member told Gedling Eye: “We have already seen Nottingham City, Rushcliffe, Newark & Sherwood and Broxtowe do this and set clear dates aimed at achieving net zero emissions between 2027 and 2030. This is a far quicker and ambitious target than the governments poor and disastrous target of 2050.

“We are happy and ready to assist the council in putting an appropriate motion forward and have tried and tested templates used around the country. And with the Labour Party having already declared a climate and Ecological Emergency we see no reason Labour councils around the country shouldn’t be doing this too.”

“Gedling Borough Council could show some serious ambition and be a global leader in tackling climate change.”

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke said one of the council’s key priorities was creating a sustainable environment for Gedling.

He said:” The Gedling Plan, approved by Full Council in May, sets out how we are reducing our carbon emissions through a number of ways.

“We are a Plastic Clever Council, reducing the amounts of single use plastics we use. We have installed water fountains in our parks to encourage reusable water bottles. We are reducing contamination levels for recycling whilst increasing recycling rates.

“We have several electric car points in the borough and we have more energy efficient lighting than ever before. We are also establishing a robust plan to become a carbon neutral council.

He added: “The long-term sustainability of the borough is of upmost importance to us and we welcome any residents who want to get involved and help us shape this key priority for Gedling and help us seek innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.”

You can sign the petition here.

What is a ‘climate emergency’?

The United Nations says we could have just 11 years left to limit a climate change catastrophe.

Because of this, A national climate emergency has been declared by the UK Parliament.

MPs are now calling on the government to make changes that include setting a new target of reaching net zero emissions before 2050.

The current target is to reduce carbon emissions by 80% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2050.

Dozens of local areas around the UK have also said there is a climate emergency – but what does the term mean?

There’s no single definition, but many areas say they want to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

Bristol councillor Carla Denyer first put forward the idea of a local area declaring a climate emergency and last year the council passed the motion.

Since then over 100 councils across the UK have also declared an emergency.


  • The hysterical lunatics of “Extinction Rebellion ” are doing their cause no good at all. It is only a matter of time until they turn to terrorism.

  • Extinction Rebellion doesn’t support physical or verbal violence of any kind.
    It is enshrined in the law that those who act out of necessity to protect others (e.g breaking down the door of burning buildings to save those inside) are not breaking the law.
    Extinction Rebellion are trying to get governments worldwide to tell the truth about the climate emergency.
    To act according to the truth means disrupting business as usual to prevent a greater crime – the destruction of our ecosystems. For some, this means sitting in the road and for others it might mean disrupting major infrastructure such as buildings, roads and airports.
    Protecting all our children’s futures has got to be worth it!

  • The events of the last couple of weeks show that Extinction Agenda are clearly heading towards terrorism.

  • It’s true that some laws were broken and arrests made but all the protests have been peaceful and it’s all being done with the goal of highlighting the climate crisis that we’re all facing.

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