Borough protestors call on Gedling MP Tom Randall to support Extinction Rebellion-backed climate bill

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Protestors based in Gedling borough have called on local MP Tom Randall to back a new Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) and help prevent ‘a climate crisis’.

The bill was announced in Parliament yesterday (September 2) by Caroline Lucas and is being supported by 12 other MPs —including Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome

Extinction Rebellion campaigners organised a protest in Central London to coincide with the Bill announcement.

A number of campaigners were arrested during the protest after they sat in the middle of the road next to Parliament Square to stop traffic.

Ms Whittome met with Extinction Rebellion Nottingham in Parliament Square during the protest.

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Now local campaigners are urging Gedling MP Tom Randall to support the Bill.

Amanda Pumo, 61, is a property management consultant from Gedling and was one of the local people who made their way down to London to protest.

She said: “I’m terrified of what the future might hold. Tom Randall needs to listen to the science and back the Bill.”

Margret Vince, 62, is a translator and mother of two who lives in the borough. She is hoping the new Bill will help create a green recovery that can offer new opportunities for young people in her area.

She said: “My children went to Redhill School, Tom Randall’s old school. We have great schools in Gedling, but also a lot of social deprivation.

“There’s not much here for young people, and because of Covid everyone is even more worried about lost jobs. We need a real effort to create new jobs in new green industries,

Margret was not in London to protest for health reasons but she’s an active ‘home rebel.’

PICTURED: Margret Vince
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She said: “I have arthritis and I can’t stand for long, but there are a lot of ways to help.

“I’ve helped the London protests with tents and equipment, and I’ve made an appointment to see Tom Randall about the CEE Bill. I will talk to local politicians of any party.” 

Margret has called on her MP to now act as a leader and support the CEE Bill.

She said: “This is a chance for Tom Randall to make his mark.
“As an MP he could make a real difference. If he cares about representing his constituents, this is the perfect way to go about it.”

PICTURED: Nadia Whittome at yesterday’s protests in London

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, if passed, gives the Prime Minister a duty to ensure that the UK achieves specified objectives on climate change, ecosystems and biodiversity.

The Bill, if passed, sets out a framework for how this can be achieved, including establishing a citizens’ assembly.

It has been drafted by an alliance of policy-makers from Extinction Rebellion, the Big Ask campaign, and respected climate, energy and ecology academics.

Gedling Eye contacted Gedling MP Tom Randall for a response.

He said that he agreed that climate change is a priority but disagreed with aspects of the Bill.

He told Gedling Eye: “Tackling climate change is a priority for this Conservative Government and me.  

“I am proud that the UK was the first G7 country to legislate to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. We have recently seen some great strides in protecting the environment, such as generating electricity for a record period of time without burning fossil fuels.

“I understand that this Bill has been developed by campaign members of Extinction Rebellion, Big Ask and Power for the People.

“I note it seeks to examine the UK’s global carbon footprint, such as indirect UK emissions in our supply chain which may affect developing countries. I am encouraged that the UK remains committed to environmentally sustainable development as set out in the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“In September 2019 the Prime Minister committed to doubling the UK’s International Climate Finance over the next five years which I hope will enable the UK to play an active part in protecting the environment and reversing biodiversity loss.

He added: “I profoundly disagree with the idea of forming a citizens’ assembly. Parliament is the proper place to make decisions and the people should have the right to elect – and reject – the people who make decisions on their behalf.  

“While I welcome the increased awareness and debate this Bill brings, I do not believe that it is required as work is already underway.”

People can support the CEE Bill by contacting their local MP using the digital rebellion webpage

More information on the ‘home rebel’ events can be found on the Extinction Rebellion Nottingham website or facebook



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