Angry passengers say they are ‘packed like sardines’ on daily train to borough stations

 Angry passengers say they are ‘packed like sardines’ on daily train to borough stations

PICTURED: Commuters standing on a packed train to Carlton from Nottingham

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Angry train passengers have been venting their frustration, saying they are being ‘packed like sardines’ on a daily service to two of the borough’s stations.

Commuters catching the 17.26pm service from Nottingham to Lincoln, which calls at Carlton and Burton Joyce stations, have said they are ‘baffled’ as to why it remains just two carriages when the service is in such high demand.

Passengers told us they could not fit onto the service or had to squeeze into the packed carriage on a daily basis.

Gedling resident Tom Rice catches the service to Carlton and said he was hoping the problem, which has existed for several years, would be solved when East Midlands Railway took over the franchise last August.

He said: “It’s been terrible for years. You have to accept being packed like sardines if you want to get home on time using this train. It’s always standing room only. I thought a third carriage would have been added by now as it’s really clear that two is not enough. I’m worried it’s only when someone gets hurt that something will finally be done.”

PICTURED: Passengers board the busy service at Nottingham
PICTURED: Passengers waiting for the service to Carlton and Burton Joyce

Sheila Evans said she’d missed her stop several times as she’d been unable to get off the service in time.

“It’s too packed. It’s so difficult to get off the train on time. On several occasions I have ended up missing the Carlton stop and then had to get off at Burton Joyce.

“Why can’t East Midlands Railway do something? It’s dangerous. I’ve seen pensioners having to stand up on this service and they look really anxious. People just want to get home safely.”

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Gedling Eye contacted East Midlands Railway who said they were aware of the problem.

An East Midlands Railway spokesperson said:  “The number of carriages made available for each train company are agreed with the Department for Transport at the start of every franchise and every carriage within our fleet is being used as efficiently as possible to provide as much capacity as possible for customers.

“We are aware that some services between Nottingham and Carlton are extremely busy and can be overcrowded. We anticipate that from March this year, we will be able to strengthen the 17:26 service to an extra carriage, which will help passengers travel more comfortably. 
“We will continue to work with stakeholders to seek feedback and look at possible options to improve services on this route in the future.”


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