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Angry Gedling residents seek action over speeding traffic on Arnold Lane

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Frustrated residents in Gedling have demanded more action to stop drivers from speeding along a main road near their estate before “a tragedy happens”.

People living on the new Chase Farm development are calling on the authorities to resolve the problems with crossing Arnold Lane, which runs by the new estate, and also put measures into place to slow down speeding traffic.

Residents this morning met with Gedling MP Vernon Coaker; leader of Gedling Borough Council, Cllr John Clarke; and Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth, portfolio holder for growth & regeneration at Gedling Borough Council, to voice their concerns.

During the meeting many local residents spoke to Gedling Eye, angry at motorists for treating the road as a racetrack and putting lives at risk.

DANGER: Speeding traffic on Arnold Lane, Gedling

Zameer Syed, who lives on Chase Farm with wife Hene, is calling for a crossing to be installed and also a reduction of the speed limit.

He said: “The speed limit on Arnold Lane drops from 60 mph to 40 mph before the Chase Farm access junction, however unfortunately not all drivers respect the speed limit and do not lower their speed which causes hazard to local residents and others.

“It is very difficult and dangerous to drive in and out of the development, especially at peak hours.

“Pedestrians are at most risk because there is no safe crossing at the junction. The nearest bus stop at Shelford road is opposite the development and it’s extremely difficult to cross Arnold Road when cars and construction vehicles are going up and down the road.

“Reduction of the speed limit and arranging for a safe pedestrian crossing is the need of the hour.”

PICTURED: (l to r) Hana Syed, Louise Woolley, Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth, Cllr John Clarke, Gedling MP Vernon Coaker and Zameer Syed
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Louise Woolley said she was worried the problem would get worse as more people moved into the new estate.

She said: “It’s difficult getting across Arnold Lane, especially in the rush hour in the morning. It’s really difficult to pull out of the estate and into Arnold Lane

“I’m also a runner and it’s really difficult to cross this road; If we had a pedestrian crossing that would help.

“The majority of drivers don’t slow down and it will be chaos as more people move into the estate.”

Lucy Chaplin moved to Chase Farm in January and attended the meeting with toddler son, Thomas

She said: “It’s ridiculously hard to get out of the estate driving and it’s ridiculously hard to get out walking.  It can take a good ten to fifteen minutes to get across the road and that’s by pure luck and just running across. That’s not ideal when you’re with a toddler

“They need to put in a bollard or crossing so we can at least get half way across. The speed limit is an issue but unless there’s camera, they won’t stick to it.

Lucy wasn’t confident anything would be done soon to resolve the problem.

She added: “I don’t want a tragedy to happen here before action is taken and one of the children on the estate to become a road traffic accident statistic”

Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth, portfolio holder for growth & regeneration, Gedling Borough Council, reassured residents she would be calling for urgent action.

She said: “My prime concern is for the safety of the residents of Chase Farm and their families.

“At peak times it can take around ten minutes to cross the road to the nearest and only bus stop.

“I will continue to work hard to ensure people are as safe as possible and resolve the situation.

Cllr Hollingsworth added: “One of the obvious solutions would be to lower the speed limit and put in a safe form of crossing which is the resolution the residents want to see and I will now be working very hard to get something done.”


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  1. Unfortunately nothing will be done until there is a tragedy. It was the same when the A612 was built between Netherfield and Burton Joyce, a young girl lost her life before there were minor changes to the traffic lights yet cars are still speeding along that stretch. Councillors should listen to the locals concerns and act upon them before something happens, because it will.

  2. If they had done what they originally planned and got the relief road in place BEFORE the estate was built then the amount of traffic going through Gedling would have been greatly reduced anyway for everyone. The volume of traffic is awful and all the rat running through side roada. Crack on with the relief road is needed urgently.

  3. They should get a grip. It’s not as bad as they say it is. I do speed down the hill for laugh but people always go slow when they are near the estate.

    Always the same moaning when a new lot move in to a town.

  4. This is no laughing matter and is not only new residents that have a problem on this road my daughter lives on featherstone close and she and ourselves when visiting risk our lives when exiting the road when idiots like you speed past . We are surprised there hasn’t been a major accident already so think on Arnold Lad and grow up.

  5. Here, here, Valerie. Arnold Lad, you are a thoughtless, stupid, immature idiot. Think on. Supposing it was your mother attempting to get across Arnold Lane and some reckless young ‘driver’ smashed into her, leaving her with life-threatening injuries. Would you then tell residents to stop ‘moaning’ it’s only ‘a laugh’ ? As Valerie said, you need to ‘grow up’ and I say stop showing off before YOU kill somebody.

  6. Why are they complaining they must have known the road was there before they moved in there are some of us who have lived in the area for 20 years and more and there are other road problems in the area that have been waiting for work far longer why move into the new houses and THEN start complaining

  7. Totally agree with you TB. Gedling’s roads are terrible. Always blaming the County as highways are under their remit. But they can find money when they want a new pattern for the pavements in Arnold.
    Maybe fining people who stand on their brakes from the top of Arnold Lane, but then speed up through the 40 zone could generate income to sort out the village roads? Build the Gedling Bypass & most of this goes away. Surely if people are moving into a half built estate, the relief road can’t be far behind?

  8. Three residents plus the MP, council leader and former mayor. Aren’t you the very people who gave the go ahead for this estate to be built without a crossing, shops, doctors or a school? Why does the lack of crossing come as a surprise to you? There’s no pavement either, so effectively no pedestrian access to the estate. Awful planning.

  9. They are complaining because they were sold a pup. Do you think the developers, who the councillors seem to be so keen on for some reason, told them they would be living on an island built on mud and coal dust accessible only by car?

  10. interesting. Will you not be using the new multi million pound bypass then? What road isn’t a pain in the proverbial to get out of at rush hour? Did you not take this into consideration when you bought a house on this estate? One that will have delivery lorries turning into it for the next 10-15 years? You buy the house THEN you moan? You’ve not mentioned the lorries trundling through the estate that probably pose a greater danger. Yep, balls up another arterial road with humps and god knows what at a cost of thousands to appease just a few? Try spending some money on something that affects everyone…getting the boroughs potholes sorted. You spend more time dodging these on Arnold Lane , concentrating on avoiding them detracts from concentrating on other important issues…like impatient residents pulling out on you from Chase Farm ? It’s nigh on impossible to get above 30 in rush hour anyway. You move here with little or no thought for the surrounding roads or location then you moan.

    Residents…be patient. According to highways when the bypass is finally in , they’ll be nothing using Arnold Lane anyway….Supposedly!

  11. typical NiMBY’s they buy an overpriced house on a tip then start complaining about traffic, no sympathy whatsoever,I was led to understand that arnold lane would not be accessible to chase farm ? they should use the relief road instead, (good luck with the wait), divert your anger at gedling council for allowing greed before safety,ie build all the houses before getting the relief road built,I have lived just of arnold lane for the last 20 years and its perfectly safe as it was (before they mass built houses on the tip) adding more congestion without thinking it through,

  12. Well, the squeakiest gate did get the most oil then. Why, because Verns involved? 6 people in the picture and its snowballed. Funny how we can find tarmac for crossings and humps but we cant find any to fill in the potholes. When are the road pothole team going to be trained on how to do a credible repair as all I see is them throw a shovel full in a hole and whack it with the back of the shovel. Its come our a week later. Is it like this on your road Vern and John?


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