When will the council tax energy bills rebate be paid in Gedling borough? How to claim £150 energy support payment and which bands can get it

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Thousands of households in Gedling borough will receive a council tax rebate of £150 this spring as part of a package of measures designed to combat the cost of living crisis.

The payment is intended to ease the financial strain caused by factors such as the energy price cap rise, which comes into effect from April.

Rishi Sunak announced the measures at the start of February, on the same day that Ofgem confirmed the major hike to the price cap.

Here’s everything you need to know about the rebate, from who is eligible to receive it to when the payment will be made.

When will the rebate be paid in Gedling borough?

If you are eligible and pay your council tax by direct debit then you will receive your payment directly in April.

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If you pay your council tax by cash, signing up to direct debit is the quickest way you will receive the £150 payment – you can do that by visiting this link https://www.gedling.gov.uk/resi…/counciltax/paycounciltax/

For those who are eligible and do not pay council tax via direct debit, Gedling Borough Council will be writing to them to explain what to do to get their payment. People are being urged not to call Gedling Borough Council to chase their payment as it will be made payment as soon as possible.

The council is urging residents to inform people not online about the quicker direct debit payment so they can get someone to sign them up and receive the £150 payment as swiftly as possible

Who is eligible for the payment?

Properties that are your main home and banded A-D or Band E with a disabled relief are eligible. 

Second homes and unoccupied properties are excluded.

Find out what council tax band you are in here. 

Gedling Borough Council is responsible for paying the one-off £150 Council Tax Energy Bills Rebate to households in bands A-D but the government has set the rules for the scheme and local authorities have to follow these rules.

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What if I am not eligible?

A fund has been provided to Councils to help lower income households who may not qualify for the Energy Bill Rebate. This will include households are on lower incomes or in receipt of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS) and who are in higher than band D property.

More information is available on the council’s website HERE


  1. Still waiting , they’ve taken the direct debit out last week for council tax this month so have details

  2. Still waiting for my rebate, started paying in April allegedly. It’s now June and I still haven’t heard anything. if i owed the council they’d soon be on my back.

  3. Many councils have paid this already and Gedling says testing the IT system. Mike Kennedy is right, they soon chase and threaten if a couple of weeks late. Not a VFM council


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