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Bin lorries used to identify mobile ‘not spots’ in Gedling borough

Special monitoring devices have been fitted to Gedling borough bin lorries to to identify mobile phone 'not spots' in the area.


Bin lorries have been used to map poor mobile phone coverage across Gedling borough, it has been revealed.

The project, led by Nottinghamshire County Counci (NCC), aims to identify areas with poor phone coverage and network capacity, known as ‘mobile not-spots.’

Over the last two years, special monitoring devices have been fitted to Gedling borough bin lorries to to identify mobile phone ‘not spots’ in the area.

NCC said no personal data had been collected but just the strength of the signals from different providers.

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The data will now be used to create public maps later this summer, so residents and businesses can find which of the UK’s main providers (EE,02, Vodafone and Three) offer high-speed (4G and 5G) mobile phone signals in the borough.

Emma Branston from the county council’s digital team has been leading the project.

She explains why this data collection project was so vital.

She said: “Current mobile phone coverage data doesn’t always accurately reflect the reality at street level, as there’s evidence that coverage can vary within the same village or neighbourhood.

“This innovative, best value approach offers us the chance to now map out a far more accurate, street-by-street picture of Nottinghamshire’s mobile phone network.

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“It also paves the way to getting our county even better connected as it will help us to identify where improvements and action are needed, especially in rural areas where there may be potential gaps in coverage.

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  1. ahh so that’s why I often see them parked up in shady quiet areas away from public view… and there was me thinking they were dossing….

  2. How about identifying ‘not spots’ areas that have not been cleaned by lazy idle GBC. The shire is a disgrace. Roads not swept, kerb edgings buried in weeds, verges a mess and awash with litter. You should hold your head in shame but can pull off this stunt?


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