PM tells Gedling Borough Council to ‘get their act together’ after failed Levelling Up bid

But Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor Michael Payne, said: “Hard-working taxpayers in Gedling deserve better than political posturing in Prime Minister’s Questions.

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Adam Toms
Adam Toms
Adam has a keen interest in local politics and writes a number of articles for Gedling Eye covering local council activities and political issues affecting the borough.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has told Gedling Borough Council to “get their act together” after the failure of its latest bid was announced in October.

The extra funds from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund would have been used to improve the leisure and cultural hub in Arnold, improve Netherfield’s connectivity, and kickstart Gedling’s high streets by repurposing vacant and underused shops. 

A total of 305 Levelling Up Fund bids were received on or before the fund’s closing date, including Gedling Borough Council’s.

These were assessed in line with the three staged approach set out in the Levelling Up Fund Technical Note.

Asking a question to Boris Johnson on Wednesday during Prime Minister’s Question Time, Gedling’s MP, Tom Randall, said: “I put aside my political differences with Labour run Gedling Borough Council to champion its Levelling Up Fund bid which […] was sadly unsuccessful”.

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He then asked the PM if he agreed that the borough council should “take stock and learn from this experience […] so that they will be able to make more successful bids”.

The Prime Minister replied: “We’re very happy to help Gedling and other Labour run councils to get their act together where necessary and put those bids in.”

He then wished Gedling well during the next bidding process to be held in Spring 2022.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Randall added: “I share the disappointed that Labour-run Gedling Borough Council have submitted three failed bids for more investment into our communities.

“The political leadership at the Council must learn from these mistakes and I am pleased the Prime Minister has confirmed that the Government will help them to do so.

“Despite their social media barbs, I look forward to working constructively with the senior leadership at Gedling Borough Council on improving their bids so that our communities can benefit from future funding opportunities.”

Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor Michael Payne, said: “Hard-working taxpayers in Gedling deserve better than political posturing in Prime Minister’s Questions.

Michael Payne
ANGRY: Councillor Michael Payne wants ‘less bluster’ and a fair share of the funding
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“They deserve for the Conservative Government to deliver on their unequivocal General Election manifesto promise that they would ‘level up’ every part of the country.

“We’re still waiting here in Gedling Borough.

“The simple, inescapable truth of the matter is that our high streets and town centres in Gedling Borough haven’t received a single penny from the Conservative Government in its dishing out of the Towns Fund, Future High Streets Fund or Levelling Up Fund.

“Back in July our local MP and the Prime Minister gave fulsome praise for Gedling Borough’s Levelling Up Fund bid, today the Prime Minister says the council needs to ‘get its act together’. “Sadly, he’s all over the place on this issue.

“We just want less of the bluster and for our local MP and the Government to give Gedling Borough’s taxpayers and communities their fair share of funding, so we can continue to invest in and improve our local high streets and town centres


  1. I could agree with the council if it wasn’t for them co-operating with every draconian policy Boris Johnson’s government come up with.

    And let’s face it, a collaboration between Tom Randall and Councillor Clarke was never going to impress anyone, was it?

  2. I understand that Gedling has received the least funding of any council in all respects since the Tories took control in Government.
    Both Randall and the Prime Minister congratulated the senior officers at GBC by name earlier this year for the high quality of the Levelling Up Fund bid.
    Now they are denigrating them.
    I expect the Borough will again receive the leat annual funding again in December.
    Hopefully local residents will learn and vote out Randall at the next General Election.
    Also I hope that nationally the Tories will be thoroughly beaten.
    Finally, Kevin should know that the Council has to comply with every government rules and regulations by law whether they agree or hate them.

  3. Lets hope Randall and Johnstone get some money sorted to improve Arnold more. Maybe bring the tram or create a new theme park to get visitors to the town. It is our capital and our London and needs to be the jewel in the gedling crown. Open your chequebook please Tom Randall and PM lol

  4. From Tom Randall’s voting record, if the Conservatives proposed all first born children of Gedling had to be sacrificed he would vote in favour. He is a lapdog for them and is simply trying to get up the ladder. He will go far but at the cost of Gedling constituents. Hopefully though, the government will provide the help to the council the have mentioned for the bid and the money will then be provided.

  5. Paul

    Trouble is GBC is backward looking and not innovative, It is still backing the “road to nowhere” (or Colliery Way as it is now to be known) and a pointless Trent Road crossing. Where is the innovation to get e.g the Tram to Arnold??? The Gedling Colliery sight could have become a transport hub served by local buses, tram and National Express coaches. And even a “heavy” rail station so that you don’t have to spend the best part on an hour getting to Nottingham Railway station to get a mainline train. I gather that Arnold is the largest town in the UK not to be served by long distance coaches. A transport hub at Gedling would have been brilliant and much more use than the access road. Traffic is terrible in Gedling and making it a VERY unpleasant and polluted place to live.

  6. Further to my comment above, I meant to add that local buses from the nearby area (e.g Arnold, Calverton) should go to/ from such a transport hub at the Gedling Colliery site. The Tram could also do so to some extent.

  7. The fact that Johnson addresses his offer of “help” to improve bids from Labour Councils makes me suspicious that the sheer fact of them not being Tory is the reason the bids fail.
    It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the successful bids listed against the political bias of the councils concerned.


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