Labour’s Lynda Pearson wins Gedling ward by-election

Lynda Pearson emerged victorious in the Gedling ward by-election.

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Labour have held their seat in a Gedling by-election. 

Lynda Pearson emerged victorious in the Gedling ward by-election. 

The election was held yesterday (May 26) following the resignation of Labour’s Jennifer Hemingway, who stepped down in April after moving away from the area.

The Labour candidate secured a majority of 693 votes (39.33%) over her nearest rival the Conservative candidate Charlie Godwin.

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Both seats in Gedling ward will now continue to be held by Labour councillors, with political stalwart Jenny Hollingsworth occupying the other.

The turnout for the by-election was 36%

The results:

Lynda Pearson (Labour) – 693

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Charlie Godwin (Conservative) – 544

Maggie Dunkin (Lib Dem) – 428

Paul Sergent (Green) 95

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Big Bamou
Big Bamou
10 days ago

Now let’s get Michael Payne elected in the GE and clear Gedling of the one-rule-for-you-suckers-one-rule-for-us party.

Francis Rodrigues
Francis Rodrigues
10 days ago

Great result Lynda. Hard work starts now. I’m sure you are up to the mark & will put people first. Look after the vulnerable & protect our rights. Many congratulations

7 seconds ago

The turnout for the by-election was 36% ==> So, none of the above scored 64% of the vote. And it wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered, just that they are all useless.

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