VIDEO: More details about Colwick fish pass revealed at community event

A community event was held yesterday near Holme Sluices, the site for the proposed pass,

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More details have been shared with the public about plans for a fish pass at Colwick Country Park.

A community event was held yesterday near Holme Sluices, the site for the proposed pass.

Those attending got the opportunity to see detailed plans about the fish pass and talk to experts from the Environment Agency about what would be put in place.

The plans are shown in detail in the video below…

Construction of the Colwick (Holme Sluices) Fish Pass project will commence this autumn and run until 2023.

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It is the first scheme of the ambitious Trent Gateway Partnership which aims to remove all barriers to fish migration along the River Trent.   

Holme Sluices, owned by the Environment Agency, is the largest single barrier to fish migration on the River Trent.  The sluice gates span the river and maintain different upstream and downstream water levels, leaving fish unable to pass through.

Simon Ward, fisheries technical specialist at the Environment Agency said: “There are a number of barriers to fish migration within the River Trent catchment, including Holme Sluices, which is the largest barrier to the natural migration of fish in the Midlands. By installing a fish passage, it will become easier for salmon and other fish to reach their spawning and feeding grounds.  

He added: “We will work with Nottingham City Council to make Colwick Country Park in Nottingham the hub for Trent Gateway. Future plans could include a visitor centre telling the story of the Trent, its history, ecology and how it has shaped communities along its length for centuries.”

Further details about the project are available on our dedicated Colwick (Holme Sluices) Fish Pass webpage:


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