VIDEO: Gedling councillor David Ellis and MP Tom Randall share their views on Levelling Up the borough and building houses on green-belt land

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Adam Toms
Adam Toms
Adam has a keen interest in local politics and writes a number of articles for Gedling Eye covering local council activities and political issues affecting the borough.

Gedling Borough Councillor David Ellis (Lab) and Gedling MP Tom Randall (Con) have appeared together in a video sharing their opposing views on Levelling Up the borough, building on green-belt land and the next General Election.

The video was created by former Gedling Eye political reporter Adam Toms, who has now gone on to become a successful journalist with Midlands news site Derbyshire Live.

The borough is yet to receive any funding after a bid for around £20m was rejected last October. The council and local MPs have blamed each other for its failure.

Cllr Ellis thinks ‘both sides are to blame’.

“We need to get sharper but the Government seems to pick and choose where they send the money,” he said.

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Ellis would like to see any money received spent on improving Arnold to make it a ‘more vibrant and more thriving’ town.

He said the money is needed as ‘a lot of work is required’ around the borough.

Cllr Ellis said he would love to bring the tram to Gedling to improve transport links.

Gedling MP Tom Randall wants to use the funding to transform the area into high-skilled, high-waged commuter towns with people working in technical jobs in the city of Nottingham.

“I had a meeting to discuss rail services in Gedling as rail services could be more frequent than they are at the moment.”

He also wants better connectivity with places like West Bridgford and the forthcoming East Midlands Freeport he thinks this could be achieved with a Fourth Trent crossing.

“People in Gedling being able to get to work in these places in highly paid sustainable green jobs is a good measure of Levelling Up in this area.”

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In the video they also share their different views around building on green belt land and reflect on the 2019 election and where their parties are heading.

You can see the video below…


  1. Ok. But please can someone tell me who will try to prohibit raw sewage being discharged into the Ouse Dyke? This is a serious issue for the environment and as a resident of GBC i would hope that this is prohibited in the future. Our wonderful green spaces and watercourses need high level protection from toxins.


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