Monday, December 4, 2023

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Flood alerts and warnings...

Flood alerts and warnings are in place around Gedling borough for Monday (December 12), due to rising river levels after recent rainfall.

Duo of freehold industrial...

FHP have announced the sale of both the former Nottingham Powder Coating Premises and the Former Dredging Tip Site.

Dates confirmed for annual...

The fundraising event will take place between 4th and 8th of December.

PLANNING: Ravenshead Farm Shop...

The link extension application has been refused.

REVEALED: Get a glimpse of what the Gedling Access Road will look like when completed in new online video


A new video released today uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the new Gedling Access Road to life.

The Gedling Access Road visualisation film has been shared on YouTube by Nottinghamshire County Council and Via East Midlands and shows how the new road will look upon completion with the aid of computerised visuals.

Main construction work on the Gedling Access Road is scheduled to begin on January 6, 2020 for 18 months and Nottinghamshire County Council say the it will ‘mark the beginning of sustainable redevelopment in the area for future generations’.

The link from the B684 Mapperley Plains to the A612 Trent Valley Road is expected to open to traffic in Summer 2021 now that a construction timetable has been approved by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Communities and Place Committee.

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  1. Our big concern is when the construction works starts and Burton Road is closed, the residents of Stoke Lane will suffer with all the extra traffic making an illegal short cut via Stoke Lane straight through the BUS PLUG to Shearing Hill and Emerys Road. They will always take the shortest route which is via Stoke Lane. This is a BUS PLUG. The lights are are permanently on red except for Buses. If a driver broke the law and went through red lights in Nottingham, they would be caught on camera and fined. Why are NCC and the Police not working with each other to stop the constant stream of traffic going through the red lights illegally on Stoke Lane?
    I speak on behalf of the Stoke Lane residents who are all concerned regards the volume of traffic. We have witnessed many near accidents at the BUS PLUG over the years and this is only going to get worse.
    A Stoke Lane resident.

    • The bus plug isn’t required anymore and should be dismantled. What if any bus services actually use the so called plug.

  2. Only two lanes for a small section at the bottom end. Meaning traffic goes as slow as the slowest lorry on the steep uphill sections. Bad design there?
    Will there be a weight limit on Arnold lane I doubt it so it’s a red herring and won’t help local people in Gedling at all. Via can’t maintain current roads and fail to fill pot holes to the correct specs. Look at how they finish them off and you can understand how poor the work is.

  3. I note with dismay that the footpaths are to be ‘shared’ with cyclists. I chose to move away from a city with a very high proportion of cyclists because of the physical danger I experienced due to reckless impatient thoughtless cyclists. This includes being thrown off my own bicycle and badly injured by another cyclist ramming me broadside (it was daylight, I was riding on a cycle path, he was riding at speed while texting), being run into by cyclists while walking on ‘shared’ footpaths and finally, due to the growing incidence of cyclists travelling at speed on the pavement outside my front door (not a pavement designated for cycle use), having to exit my house via the back door, garden, two locked gates and a passageway.
    Until cyclists are legally required to 1. have insurance (just as car drivers do) 2. pass a test (just as car drivers do) 3. have a bell or other audible warning device fitted to their cycle (shouting in someone’s ear is frightening/confusing/often aggressive) 4. fined for not having working lights and reflective clothing at night,
    there needs to be clear segregation between cyclists and pedestrians.


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