Residents in Arnold say new CCTV camera is helping to make crime hotspot safer

 Residents in Arnold say new CCTV camera is helping to make crime hotspot safer

PICTURED: The CCTV camera in the footpath leading to Front Street

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Residents and local businesses say a new CCTV installed to help reduce incidents at a crime hotspot in Arnold is having a positive impact.

Campaigners had been calling on Gedling Borough Council to put improved security measures in place after a series of stabbings and a spate of anti-social behaviour around Smithy Crescent and Front Street in the town.

A rally called ‘Enough is Enough’ was also held by residents to raise awareness about the rise in crime in the area.

Councillors quickly responded by placing CCTV on the footpath linking Front Street with Smithy Crescent back in November last year.

Now residents and businesses are saying the camera is already having a positive impact, with the troubled area beginning to feel a lot safer.

Iris Hallam volunteers at a charity shop on Front Street and was one of the people praising the council’s efforts.

She told Gedling Eye: “I have seen a big decline in trouble in Smithy Crescent since the camera was put in.

“People had been afraid to use the steps and had been avoiding the area by walking into town via Ravenswood Road instead.

“Pensioners often told me that that youngsters would often threaten to kick their walking sticks from under them when they used the steps.

“But I have been speaking to people recently who live in homes close to the area and they all say they are happy with the results since the CCTV was installed.

PICTURED: The CCTV camera in the footpath leading to Front Street

“People have said they are now using the steps again in Smithy Crescent instead of walking around Ravenswood Road to get into Arnold.

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“I’m sure it hasn’t removed all the crime, but generally people around here are happy.”

Iris added: “Thanks should go to Gedling Bourough Council for acting by putting CCTV in place.

The council said they were also pleased with the results since the camera was installed.

Gedling Borough Council leader, Cllr John Clarke told Gedling Eye: “We’re very pleased with the results of the CCTV installation on Smithy Crescent.

“It was done in response to concerns from local residents but was also part of a wider approach by Gedling Borough Council to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

“We now have the Police hub at Jubilee House, our wardens have extra powers to reduce anti-social behaviour and we have just announced plans in our budget to increase the wardens on our streets.”


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