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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Gedling Labour councillor resigns

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A borough councillor for Gedling has announced she is stepping down from the role with immediate effect.

Jennifer Hemingway represented Gedling Ward on Gedling Borough Council, along with Labour’s Jenny Hollingsworth.

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Councillor Hemingway said the decision to leave her post was taken after deciding to move away from the area.

In a tweet she said: “I have resigned as a Councillor for Gedling ward on Gedling Borough Council.

“I want to say thank you to the people of Gedling for placing your trust in me. It has been an honour to represent you.

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“I never intended not to finish my term, but life happens. My family and I have now moved to the West Midlands.

“Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth continues representing Gedling ward in her phenomenal way.”

A by-election could now take place to fill the vacancy before the next council elections in May 2023.

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Two requests for a by-election are now required from two government electors. If the requests are made, the by-election must take place within
35 working days of the date of receipt of the requests.

The vacancy notice has been posted here: https://www.gedling.gov.uk/media/gedlingboroughcouncil/documents/council/elections/Notice%20of%20Vacancy%20-%20Gedling%20-%20290322.pdf


  1. Good! Glad a Liebour person has gone. Now let’s get someone in who will actually do something for the people of Gedling & let’s get EVERY street & path resurfaced!!!

  2. David Robertson clearly has no understanding of which council is responsible for what.
    It is the Con-servatve run Nottinghamshire County Council which is responsible for the appalling condition our roads and pavements are in. Potholes everywhere.
    Don’t blame Labour run Gedling borough for this – there is nothing they can do about it apart from reporting it which I am sure these Councilors are doing almost daily.

  3. She was my councillor and did nothing when I asked her for help with a serious issue on my street.

    I used to vote Labour in this borough but never will again. Unfortunately, the other side are also worse than useless.


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