Volunteers wanted across the borough for Gedling Big Spring Clean

People in the borough are being urged to get behind a new clean-up campaign being launched this week by Gedling Borough Council.

The council is launching The Gedling Big Spring Clean campaign and wants community champions across the borough to create spring clean events, starting with a clean-up day on Saturday, March 16.

On the day, the council will be providing litter picking equipment, waste bags and high-vis clothing. They will also collect any rubbish collected on the day.

The Gedling Big Spring Clean is a new campaign to help communities who want to do more to keep where they live tidy.

The council is supporting community leaders and volunteers, including the Willow Action Farm Group in Gedling and the Carlton Community Street Cleaners to do more to keep the borough tidy and reduce littering.

So far, events are planned on the Saturday in Netherfield, Carlton, Gedling, Mapperley and Arnold. Gedling Borough Council is calling for any volunteers who want to arrange a clean up to contact them this week.

The clean-up comes as the council announces further plans for investment in frontline services in the borough, including the introduction of a new Rapid Response Cleaning Team to further strengthen efforts to deal with litter, dog fouling and fly tipping.

All the events organised for the Gedling Big Spring Clean Campaign on the 16 March will be advertised on the council’s Facebook page and events website

To take part in an event or if you would like to organise a spring clean, contact the council by emailing

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Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke said: “We’re very pleased to be launching the Gedling Big Spring Clean event. This is an opportunity for communities to get together and do some something about areas that are hot spots for rubbish.

“We are investing more in the borough with plans for a new street cleansing team but we cannot get to every road and street so this is a chance for volunteers to tidy up areas with ongoing problems with littering. We’re very pleased to be working with local community leaders on this and we hope we can get plenty of people involved and make a real difference.”



  1. You put up Council Tax, we get less and less each year, potholed streets, no police, and you want us to do your job? some cheek that is!!

  2. It’s time folk stopped using streets/other folks’ gardens as rubbish bins. On a recent trip to Japan it was striking how scrupulously clean the streets are. Not a litter bin in sight there as people take their rubbish home. Is there any reason we can’t start doing this?

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