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Extinction Rebellion protestor blocks major road in Mapperley

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An Extinction Rebellion protestor blocked a road in Mapperley earlier today (May 1) in a bid to ‘make politicians take notice of the climate crisis’.

Risking her life, 72-year-old Pippa McKeith, began her protest at 11am by sitting in the road at the top of Woodthorpe Drive on Mapperley Top.

Ms McKeith said “I know this will annoy those people I’m holding up and I’m so sorry – but I want politicians to wake up and take notice of the climate crisis.

“How come Prince Philip and David Attenborough have been talking about our impact on the natural world for decades yet governments are still ignoring what they’ve been saying?” 

The Government’s own Committee on Climate Change said in its latest report [1] that the government has failed on 17 out of 21 of it’s own ‘progress indicators’, and that just two of 31 key ‘policy milestones’ have been met since Parliament declared emergency.

Ms McKeith, who lives in the Arboretum, added “I’m frustrated, I’m angry, and I’m frightened. I’m sitting in the middle of the road because I’m terrified that not enough is happening. I’ve signed petitions, I’ve written letters; I just don’t know what else I can do!”

PICTURED: Pippa McKeith protesting in Mapperley

Extinction Rebellion protestors also stopped traffic in Nottingham city centre and West Bridgford earlier this morning as part of a UK-wide ‘Rebellion of One’ protest involving 200 members of the action group.

A spokesman for the group said: “Greta Thunburg showed that one person can make a difference, and this is what the 200 sitters across the UK in 49 different cities are trying to do as part of the “Rebellion of One”.

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“With lockdown lifting, and despite the new protest laws, concerned citizens have today resumed action against against what the Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group called the UK Government’s inadequate plans to tackle the climate crisis.”

The group have also been protesting this week outside County Hall in West Bridgford ahead of the May 6 election.

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  1. So she never drives a car, she walks everywhere then or never turns on the gas central heating, or eats meat, or goes to a barbecue even, but she’s wearing man made fibres…oh give it a rest. So now folk will need to detour a longer route because your getting in the paper so now your the cause of more petrol consumption and more fumes and more global warming. Great move. And EV battery production? Sure as hell ain’t carbon neutral darling. Move on…

  2. Well done. People on your Facebook saying climate change is a myth are weird. It’s scary. Thanks Pippa x More needs to be done to make Arnold greener like London. Maybe a car ban. Arnold is our capital our London.

  3. Arnold is a dump!

    If as stated politicians took no notice of Phil and Dave, why would they take any notice of some delusional old fool sat in a road?

  4. Extinction Agenda are terrorists in the making. It is only a matter of time until they start letting off bombs.


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