Drone footage reveals progress on Gedling Access Road as work on £40m bypass continues

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Nottingham County Council has released its latest flyover video showing progress on the £40 million Gedling Access Road (GAR).

Once completed, the Gedling Access Road will be a new 3.8km single carriageway road which providing a link between the B684 Mapperley Plains and the A612 Trent Valley Road / Nottingham Road.

Progress continues on the new Gedling Access Road
Work takes place o the site near Gedling Country Park

This month’s video shows work being completed on the GAR’s junction with Burton Road, which was reopened to motorists’s earlier this month.

Despite being in a second lockdown during November, work continued on the bypass after the Government made it clear that construction work wouldn’t be suspended as before.

The GAR works are scheduled to be completed, and the access road open to motorists, by Autumn 2021



  • Wow look how quickly they are destroying the green land the views, habitat for animals and the views. I hope they are so proud of themselves, as for the drone can it be used to see if those responsible have a brain and a heart and have considered what they are doing at all please?

  • Awful. I bet the home owners of the isolated houses are not happy now, that road will de crease value of their properties by a lot.
    I went to go on a walk on the fields where the road goes theough, I was disappointed to find how much of the trail I used to walk, has gone now because of the humongous road they’ve dug out. Does it really need to be 2 miles wide?

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