‘Debacle’ claim as £5m overspend on Gedling Access Road discussed by Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council stated there was an overspend of £5.4m in the Transport and Environment Committee relating to the project.

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Gedling Access Road has been described as a ‘debacle’ by one councillor who discussed a £5.4m overspend on the project.

The 3.8km carriageway, which should be completed this year, will link the A612 Trent Valley Road and Nottingham Road to Mapperley Plains.

The £40 million scheme is intended to ease traffic issues through Gedling village and serve the new Chase Farm housing development.

But a council report shared with the Finance Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council stated there was an overspend of £5.4m in the Transport and Environment Committee relating to the project.

It comes as the council said it needs to borrow £70m in the next year.

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Councillor Tom Hollis (Ind) said: “With regards to Gedling Access Road – it’s clear that this debacle is going to have an over-reaching impact across the Transport and Environment department.

“We may have the situation that planning improvements to roads in places like Huthwaite, Carsic, Blidworth and Rainworth are impacted by this huge overspend.

John Clarke Gedling
PICTURED: Cllr John Clarke, leader of Gedling Borough Council, said the building work had been ‘extremely challenging’

“There may be many reasons as to why costs have spiralled out of control – including expensive contractors stood around with nothing to do because the supply chain has broken down.

“What guarantees can the chairman give that the current £5.4million overspend will not continue to grow?”

Councillor Hollis asked where the money to fund the overspend is coming from amid concners it will be taken from already allocated highway’s maintenance funding.

Chair of the meeting Richard Jackson (Con) responded: “It is not coming from the roads budget, it is not coming from the highways budget directly.

“We are responsible for all of the overspend because it is our project and we will bring a full report to the next meeting.”

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He added: “There is a lot of work going on to fully understand the Gedling Access Road overspends.

“A lot of it is due to Covid, there is a global problem in construction.

“We shouldn’t forget the enormous benefit that the road is bringing.”

John Clarke, leader of Gedling Borough Council, added: “£5.4m sounds like a lot of money but [not] if you compare to HS2 and other things like that.

“The actual building has been extremely challenging and I think they’ve done well.

“It is public money and we want to know where the £5.4m is coming from but I would like to set a more level playing field.”


  1. What a load of smelly manure… 1.5 million per kilometer overspend, what do we get? a new school? A new hospital? A community centre?….. Nope, just more incompetent idiots. The original contracts included a provision for overrun… that was incase of problems…. lack of management and accountability…. most of the top people are hired as friends of friends….

  2. I worked on council contracts for over fifteen years we quoted for the contract and we won on being the cheapest. No extras were ever paid for by the council unless they requested the extra work. No monies should be paid over the contract price because it is hard going. They inspected the site and plans and priced accordingly why should tax payers for their incompetence?

  3. That’s alright just freeze the pay of the low paid staff who work for Notts Council!!!
    Oh I just remembered you’ve done already.

  4. Please tell me what “the enormous benefit ” will be by spending £45 million on the GAR road ?

    Whoopee, all the traffic and subsequent pollution will be sent to good old Mapperley Plains!
    Can anyone tell me what happens to ALL the traffic that builds up at The Little Sainsbury’s roundabout, Mapperley Plains , when this wonderful road is completed and Gedling VILLAGE is left in peace?

  5. Several years ago now a financial problem occurred with banks in Iceland and it was revealed that the Council had several millions of pounds invested within that banking system. The problems were later resolved so perhaps the invested funds could be used to clear the anticipated over spend on the new road.


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