Wildlife sculptures in Gedling Country Park targeted again by vandals

A councillor has slammed those responsible for damaging more wooden sculptures in Gedling Country Park.

It’s the second time that the sculptures on the park’s nature trail have been targeted.

Sculptures of a rabbit and fox were vandalised last summer and left the council with a repair bill costing hundreds of pounds.

Deputy leader of Gedling Borough Council Cllr Michael Payne slammed those responsible for this latest damage.

The ears were removed from this rabbit sculpture in Gedling Country Park last year

He said: This is disgusting, wanton vandalism of our Nature Trail at Gedling Country Park yet again.

“The vile thugs responsible for this damage are the absolute lowest of the low. If you have an information on who did this please get in touch with us so we can inform the police.”

The sculpture is part of a new nature trail which was opened to the public last summer.

The wooden artwork was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Co-op Gedling’s community fund along with a donation from Cllr Payne’s funding pot.

Anyone with any information should contact Gedling Borough Council or Nottinghamshire Police on 101.

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  1. Put cctv up at the park, when I’m walking the dog there late their are always older teenagers being twats!! CCTV will deter the silly behaviour!

  2. is there no cameras in the area
    if not would it be cheaper to install rather than keep repairing the vandals selfish acts, maybe these same selfish people are doing it because, they know there is no deterrent, what will happen to them if caught ??

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