Ombudsman’s report details complaints against Gedling Borough Council

 Ombudsman’s report details complaints against Gedling Borough Council

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Fourteen complaints were made to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman about Gedling Borough Council between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, a new report has revealed.

Of those complaints made, none were upheld against the local authority

In 2018-19, 284 complaints were received about the nine councils covering the county. Of these, 41 were upheld, meaning the council was at fault, new data shows. 


Two councils received far more complaints than the others – Conservative-led Nottinghamshire County Council and Labour-run Nottingham City Council – with 104 complaints each, 36 of which were upheld. 

This is partly because those two councils are responsible for adult social care, which attracts more complaints than other issues. 

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is an independent arbiter investigating and settling disputes people have with their local council. 

Only three councils in Nottinghamshire had no complaints upheld against them – Gedling Borough Council, Mansfield and Rushcliffe.

Of these, Rushcliffe received the fewest number of complaints – just nine over the course of a year.


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  • I want to know what gedling borough council were going to do about housing for the disabled? We have been asking for their help for 2 years now and the answer to our question is you’re not eligible or you don’t meet our means or there are no housing left for you. I don’t understand how you can say gedling borough council has had no complaints when we have filed complaints repeatedly. My wife is disabled after 4 Strokes and we have repeatedly asked gedling council to help us find a suitable ground level bungalow for my wife and I, I am her full-time carer . and the bungalow that we are living in at the moment is unsuitable for her, but they keep saying they can’t help us or there isn’t any housing for you.

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