Chip servings at Wetherspoons across Gedling borough get scrutinised in viral Facebook group

The Facebook group Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count is made up of more than 94,000 people

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Avid fans of Wetherspoons pubs across Gedling borough have joined with other customers across the UK to compare the amount of chips they serve with meals.

The Facebook group Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count is made up of more than 94,000 people, who all dedicate their time to sharing details of the amount of chips they’ve received when eating in the chain’s many pubs.

And, of course, a number of Gedling borough residents are in the group and have taken part in the rankings – and it’s a mixed bag at best.

The Free Man, on Carlton Hill, is a popular one, with many talking about the large number of chips they serve with the meals.

Jessica Corbett posted: “45 chips at The Free Man in Nottingham.

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“Nice hot temperature, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. No super long bois [sic] , the lengths are pretty consistent apart from your few crispy ends which I rather enjoy regardless. This ‘Spoons is a keeper”

IMAGE: Facebook/Jessica Corbett

Bek Jarvis wrote: “The Free Man’. Mmmm, lovely steak but was so obsessed with counting the ’32’ chips I had been very generously given, I didn’t realise they had forgotten to put onion rings, peas and tomato on the plate!

IMAGE: Facebook/Bek Jarvis

The Woodthorpe Top in Mapperley was another one mentioned by reviewers.

Taylor Hartung wrote: “The Woodthorpe Top 25 chips look banging tbf but not happy about there only being 25 though.”

Chips served at The Woodthorpe Top (IMAGE: Facebook/Taylor Hartung)

Chris Bills aslo visied and was impressed by the number of potato treats on his plate:

“A respectable 20 chips at The Woodthorpe Top.”

PICTURED: Chips served in the Ernehale in Arnold (IMAGE: Facebook/Chris Bills)

Leah Holden was impressed by the chip portion being served up at the Ernehale pub in Arnold.

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She wrote: “28 chips today from the Ernehale.”

(IMAGE: Facebook/Leah Holden)

To make the most of the publicity this ever-growing Facebook group has been getting recently, the owners have set up a JustGiving page so that viewers can donate money to support foodbanks while comparing their chip portions.

In a post made on October 19, they wrote: “Hello fellow chip counters, keep up the good work.

“I thought we could try to do some good with our new-found fame, and I’ve opened a fundraiser to raise money for Fairshare, the hunger and food waste charity.

“I’m suggesting a donation of 10p (or whatever you can afford) per chip you receive on your next meal in ‘Spoons.”

To visit the JustGiving page click here.


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