Car wash plans for land next to Carlton pub

Plans have been submitted seeking permission to place a hand car wash and valeting premises on unused land next to a pub in Carlton.

Proposals for the vacant space on Burton Road next to the Inn For A Penny Pub have now been submitted to Gedling Borough Council.

(PICTURE: Francis Rodrigues)

Plans say fixed canopies, an office, staff room, store, waiting area and toilets would be constructed on the site.

People have until  March 1 to voice their concerns.


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  1. Will they be dumping all the dirty water into the dyke?
    It will make it so hectic traffic wise on that corner!! There’s no need for a car wash there!!
    I’m going to say no thanks

    1. That corner is bad enough already as it is
      We really don’t need cars coming out from there as well it’s dangerous enough already with people speeding.
      So I say no

  2. how many car washes do we need
    i say no
    waste water is bound to enter the dyke which is now cleaner than it has ever been even ducks are seen here
    i say no

  3. I object on basis of road safety. It’s a hazardous bend. Turning right into Brooklands Drive already unsafe due to speed of cars, blind bend andonconing cars in the middle of the road due to kerbside parking outside Scrumpy’s.
    School pupils often cross there. Additional cars going in and out forecourt court would be highly dangerous.
    Excess water with chemicals which could run into the adjacent dyke. Polluting it.
    Additional car fume pollution in the area. Concern loss of the grassed triangle of trees and bulbs.
    Already plenty of these businesses locally which are an eyesore. Using limited resource of water when we are told need to conserve.

  4. A totally inappropriate place for a car wash and car sales. That sharp corner on Burton Road is already dangerous enough without more cars turning in and out ot the proposed site, never mind the chaos it could cause on Conway Road. Detergents and chemical will make their way into the Ousedyke, endangering the vegetation and wildlife. Do we need any more car sales. They say they arectransferring the business from Burton Joyce but car sales there stopped some time ago.

    I say NO!

  5. I say no , just because they have to leave their spot in burton joyce they want to bring their business to that corner, it’s just too busy with passing traffic and no proper drainage for waste water, which has chemicals added too it. To preserve the the dyke which is cleaner than its ever been and to keep the preservation as it it with ducks living on it, they should move to a more industrious area capable to accept the use off the chemicals they use with proper drainage

  6. Definitely No. It’s a dangerous corner and completely ridiculous to put next to the Ousedyke where it’s going to be practically impossible to prevent pollution from chemicals and the resulting environmental damage.

  7. Anyone whose prepared to let a bunch of non tax declaring foreign migrants wash their car with a brillo pad then more fool you. Money going into local economy..£0. Tax paid by cash in hand cleaners.£0. NI paid by cleaners.£0 Tax/NI paid by cash only business..who knows?
    Nice new car washed with a sponge dropped in the grit…be my guest. Get some decent cleaning gear, sheepskin mitt and good quality shampoo and encourage a neighbours son to do it, any 14 year old will do it for a tenner and not leave your prize possession looking like a skating rink.
    Its a bad idea, its in the wrong place and it will be an eyesore.

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