Arnold firm’s warm gesture for city homeless charity

 Arnold firm’s warm gesture for city homeless charity

PICTURED: Emmanuel House on Goosegate in Nottingham

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An Arnold firm has come to the rescue of a homeless charity in Nottingham after staff and residents at their support centre were left without hot water and heating when the boiler was condemned.

Heating engineers and electricians from T&S Heating, who are based on Rolleston Drive, teamed up with Nottingham City Homes (NCH) to help replace the boiler at Emmanuel House on Goosegate in the city centre.

The replacement boiler was estimated to have cost the charity £23,000 but Nottingham City Homes asked their suppliers to help the charity by supplying parts for free or at cost.

Emmanuel House provides its visitors with access to basic services, support and advice and offers social inclusion activities to help tackle isolation. The main aim of the organisation, which is a registered charity, is the prevention of and support out of homelessness.

PICTURED: T&S Heating’s site on Rolleston Drive in Arnold

The team from T&S Heating Ltd will install the boiler free of charge, with support from workers at Nottingham City Homes, who are using a volunteering day to assist with the work.

PICTURED: Emmanuel House on Goosegate in Nottingham

Denis Tully, chief executive officer at Emmanuel House said “For our service users, a shower can be transformational. A chance to feel clean and fresh. The boiler is also crucial for the operation of our kitchen. We have a foot fall of between 60 and 90 people a day and serve over 13,000 meals a year. Without an operating boiler, this is incredibly hard for our chef and kitchen volunteers. And without heating, we are no longer able to provide a warm place for people to rest and to get the support they need.

He added: “We are delighted that the work has already started on the boiler and that is down to the generosity and support of Nottingham City Homes.”

Delroy Beverley, Director of Construction, Repairs and Maintenance at Nottingham City Homes, said: “As soon as we heard about the irreparable boiler at Emmanuel House, we knew we needed to help them and we knew we had the contacts and expertise to get this sorted for them.

“The work they do in supporting people in this city is important and we want to work as quickly as possible to get the new boiler up and running so service users can enjoy a warm place to stay and get a hot shower.

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