Colwick Country Park
PICTURED: A photo posted on social media showed a gathering in Colwick Country Park (Photo used with permission)

People have expressed their anger after crowds of people flocked to Colwick Country Park to enjoy the weather despite lockdown rules still being in force.

Eyewitnesses said youngsters were seen in large groups, ignoring social distancing rules and were ‘partying’ as temperatures ramped up for the first time this year.

And although lockdown rules were relaxed on Monday (March 29), people are still being advised to only meet outside in groups of six – or a maximum of two households of any size.

Laura Knight visited Colwick Country Park earlier today with her family and told Gedling Eye she was disgusted by what she saw.

“It was mainly youngsters. They were drinking, hugging and not social distancing. I don’t mind in normal times but we’ve just been put in lockdown because of this kind of behaviour and I’m worried we’ll stay in it as people can’t stick to the rules.”

Another eyewitness who visited the park contacted Gedling Eye and wished to remain anonymous.

They said: “I went down for a walk at the Sneinton end of the park but didn’t get out of the car because it was crazy busy. The person I was with got out and saw over 100 people at the entrance area and around 500 gathered at the first clearing.

“There were gangs of people drinking and also having bbqs.

“I saw three police vans shooing people out of the park.”

Gedling Eye has contacted Nottinghamshire Police for a comment.



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