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Letters: Gedling Country Park becoming ‘pointless’

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What will be left of country park?

Having a Gedling Country Park is pointless.

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Each week you see more planning proposals being submitted that want to take up more of its green space so it seems like its slowly being eroded. They should have just built houses on the old pit land in the first place rather than waste taxpayer money on a park that seems like a temporary arrangement.

Since it was created housing estates have cropped up, a road has been slapped through it and now I hear there could even be a supermarket.

‘Country Park’? Gedling Green more like.

T Potts,

Pub surge plan will damage industry further

I can’t believe Stonegate plan to charge more in their pubs for a pint during busy times.

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The industry is suffering as it is with many pubs closing and blaming this on lack of custom. Do they really think charging more is the answer? They need to be looking at ways of reducing the price of a pint if they want people to come through the doors.

We have lost of good pubs and clubs in the borough recently, with the Crossing Club in Carlton the latest to go. I just hope those remaining don’t become inspired by this daft plan as it will only lead to closures and more Lidl supermarkets taking their place.

J Kane,

Calverton ‘forgotten’ by council

All I ever read in Gedling Eye is about money being spent in Arnold. This week it was new toilets. They’ve just had an AMP and still it needs more.

Spare a thought for Calverton. Nothing has been spent here but we have to give up our land and put pressure on our schools, doctors and leisure centre with new housing that I am sure helps pay to improve Arnold.

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What about us? Why are we being forgotten?

Name and address withheld on request

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  1. We have to have houses and are they building within the boundaries of the park?
    What will become of the land outside the boundaries if it isn’t put to practical use?
    I don’t know the acreage of the land reclaimed at the park but it is a massive plus to the community and obviously hugely popular

  2. I remember about 20 years ago at a meeting when the public could see what was planned for the future, seeing a map showing which land could be designated for housing and what was the park. The areas shown for housing are what is being built now, unfortunately by developers and not council houses. So the park boundaries and housing areas are what was planned after the Government set all councils a number of houses that had to be built. I think Gedling’s was 7,500 or something like that. Others might know the exact figure. I love the Country Park. It’s our jewel in the crown and hard won by GBC and John Clarke et al in the face of opposition.

  3. Let’s all hail councillor Clarke for his wonderful work, he does like to be respected. As I have said before, the park is an area where people have walked their dogs for decades. I have photos of it pre ‘country park’ and it is wilder and better than it is today. If you think it’s a jewel in any crown then I suggest you haven’t been around much. Even other ex pit sites have been developed more sympathetically than this one which is being eroded by new developments week by week.

  4. The whole area around the country park was a brown field area,much of it concreted over . The entrance to the pit ,the old recycling centre. It wasn’t exactly beautiful. The country park needs a few more trees planted on it and hedgerow planted in place of the wooden fencing.

  5. The properties built are what was on planning. More protests should have been made then..rather than at this late ( too late) hour….

  6. Firstly the clue is in the title…’Country Park’, so why is something like 90% fenced off from the public? Take down the fences, let folk and dogs roam free and ramble using ALL of it! The paths with their sharp edged stones and grit not exactly dog friendly surface is it? Let folk roam and us all of it!

  7. Gedling Country Park’s transformation into a “pointless” facility is a concerning development for the local community. Once a cherished green space, it served as a refuge for nature enthusiasts, families, and outdoor enthusiasts. However, if it has truly lost its purpose, it reflects a broader problem in our society where we neglect the value of preserving natural beauty and communal spaces. A loss of purpose in such a place can result from neglect, mismanagement, or shifting priorities. It’s essential for local authorities to recognize the importance of maintaining these spaces and reviving their relevance. Gedling Country Park’s “pointlessness” is a stark reminder of the need for responsible stewardship of our natural assets.


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