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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Nottinghamshire County Council leader outlines benefits Gedling Access Road will bring to area


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Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) leader Ben Bradley has shared more details around the benefits the Gedling Access Road will bring to the area when it is finally completed next year.

It was announced today that the delayed project is now running at around £8.6m over budget.

But Bradley says he thinks the longer-term benefits the road will bring will outweigh current financial and scheduling difficulties.

“It is a lot of money.  But this is a major scheme being delivered throughout a pandemic and to put it into perspective – the GAR will bring about journey time savings and other safety and efficiency benefits worth at least £73 million.”

These are the benefits the Gedling Access Road could deliver, says NCC…

  • It will bring about journey time savings and other safety and efficiency benefits worth at least £73 million.
  • It will provide access to new high-quality, affordable homes to help people get on the property ladder.
  • It will help people make everyday journeys by bus, car and cycle boosting connections to the wider road network and Nottingham city centre while making journeys quicker and safer.
  • It will provide stronger links between education and business, ensuring young people get the best possible opportunities and are fully prepared for the world of work.
  • As part of the GAR NCC are planting 430 native trees, increasing woodland by 40% and improving habitats for wildlife. 

Councillor Ben Bradley MP added:“In the circumstances, just an extra few months on a project that’s been in the pipeline for several decades, delivered during a global pandemic, is a pretty good effort in my view and I am very proud that this administration is the one delivering this for people in Gedling borough.”

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  1. Its not good enough , I have had to start going down onto Mansfield Rd. To go to Arnold. Sitting in car over 15 mins at a time is no good. Do not think this was thought out properly? Its putting mileage on not just mine, also using extra petrol.. Feel sorry for all the lorry/delivery drivers.must.be a right headache. What if an ambulance wants to get to someone urgently ?. Also feel sorry for Gedling Rd PO, Think its hit them. Also went to Hillside garden centre, they also have been hit Is there any date when we can get back to normal, ????

  2. Ok Ben, now’s the time to remove the ridiculous bus plug outside of Carlton willows school, it’s at the bottom of the new access you boast about in case your wondering where it is. And don’t forget to remove the camera on stoke lane as that had planning permission for around 8 months and it’s been there since the new road was started. I do hope you pay attention to these local matters.


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