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Litter pickers transform area of Arnold

An area in Arnold has been transformed thanks to the determination of hard-working volunteers taking part in the first litter pick of the year.

The January Community Litter Pick was organised by Cllr Henry Wheeler of Gedling Borough Council.

Members of the Killisick Litter Pickers Facebook community group were invited to the event, which took place on Sunday (15), reports CBJTarget

Cllr Wheeler, who took part in the litter pick, praised the residents “fantastic” turnout, but also drew attention to some of the people’s reckless behaviour.

PICTURED: Litter pickers the local councillor Henry Wheeler (PHOTO: Cllr Henry Wheeler)

He said: “We had a fantastic turnout by local residents for the first Killisick Litter Pick of 2023.

“Whilst members of the group enjoy the litter picking activity and many people find the activity very therapeutic and rewarding, the sad fact is that some people are lazy and disrespectful when it comes to disposing of rubbish responsibly.”

The 10 volunteers collected 15 bags of rubbish, as well as bulky items that have been fly tipped.

The litter was left at the Trade Waste pick up site bin at Killisick Community Centre and will be collected by Gedling Borough Council.

Cllr Wheeler added: “By doing what we do, we are setting a good example of respect for our local community, we don’t want our community to look like a tip.

“We lead by example and children and young people see the value of looking after the local environment.”

Volunteers of all ages are kitted with litter pickers and bags, as well as sanitiser, gloves, and high vis tabards provided by Gedling Borough Council.

The next monthly Sunday event, which first took place in 2017, will be conducted around or after the February half-term.

Council issues response following urgent calls for action over ‘dangerous’ pedestrian crossings in Netherfield town centre

Nottinghamshire County Council has responded to road safety concerns raised by Netherfield residents using pedestrian crossings in the town centre.

The response comes following multiple reports of people being involved in near misses on the double crossings at the junction of Victoria Road and Meadow Road.

Netherfield crossings
PICTURED: One of the crossings on Meadow Road in Netherfield (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

People local to the area have said that the issue “has been going on for far too long” and that action needs to be taken before it is too late.

Lynn Turner, who works at Nisa Local on Victoria Road, said that she witnesses people nearly being run over every day.

The 67-year-old said: “This has been going on for far too long.

“People come in all the time and say ‘I was just missed’.

“I was there when a car actually hit a person once.

“My partner also came in the shop and said a car had just missed him, he was very angry.

“Another customer I had last week was stood at the counter and he was shaking.

“He said a car actually shaved past his chest.

“It’s very bad.”

Mary Gibson, 62, owns the Pure Aroma shop on Meadow Road and is also worried about the crossings.

She said: “On Meadow Road the cars come speeding round the corner from Victoria Road all the time.

“Yesterday a car nearly hit me when I was halfway across the road as it was going that fast.

“The crossing on the corner is just as bad as the cars come speeding round from Meadow Road.

“I have a shop on Meadow Road and have often seen people having a near miss.

“Someone from the council should come down and see for themselves.”

County Hall Nottinghamshire
INSPECTION: Councillors say they have been to see the crossings and will review the site again in the coming months

Cheryl Brown, based in nearby Colwick, has to walk with an elbow crutch because of her disability, which makes crossing the road even more challenging.

She said: “I was crossing from the It’s Inn the Bank pub side to the opposite pavement and, halfway across, a car came whizzing around the corner heading for Colwick.

“I automatically stopped because I could see the driver wouldn’t be able to stop without hitting me if I carried on walking.

“She saw me last minute and looked shocked.

“She put her hand up to me and just carried on.

“It scared me to death and her also I believe.”

Michelle Wilson-Tolley, 52, who lives in Netherfield and has an autistic son aged 11, warned about the crossings in the Jackie Bells play area, also located on Victoria Road.

She said: “All the crossings need looking at, especially Jackie Bells playground area.

“Motorists put their foot down and speed up then raise their hand as much to say sorry all the time.”

Gary Wood is Head of Transport and Highways for Nottinghamshire County Council, which is responsible for roads in the county.

He told Gedling Eye: “We are aware of the issues faced by pedestrians and we have already taken several steps to improve the crossings over recent years.

“The crossings are located on road humps, with illuminated poles and LED beacons to ensure the crossings can be seen in all light conditions.

“We recently reviewed the crossings to consider whether any further improvements could be made and continue to actively monitor the locations for any accidents, as we do with roads across Nottinghamshire.”

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Couple visiting every pub in Notts name their favourite Gedling borough boozers

A Nottinghamshire couple is determined to visit all the pubs the county has on offer – including those in Gedling borough.

Dale Harvey, 37, and Holly Booth, 30, have decided to embark on the ‘Great Nottinghamshire Pub Crawl’ after getting bored of their usual pubs.

PICTURED: The couple outside The Willowbrook in Gedling
Holy and Dale outside the city’s Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Since starting their journey on March 16, the couple has visited a grand total of 346 pubs out of an estimated 1,800, according to Google.

Dale said: “After we started, we realised there’s a lot more pubs than we thought it was going to be.

“But we’re too invested now so we have to keep going.

“The rate that we’re going at is about 3.6 pubs a day so far and if we keep that up, it means it would take us about 500 days to visit them all, which isn’t bad at all.”

The Sneinton-based couple revealed that there is no particular order in which they visit the pubs, but that they printed an A0-sized map and pinned the names of pubs they have not visited yet, which gives them an idea of where to go next.

The pair, whose daily record of visited pubs is currently 13, prefers independent venues, as they have “a lot more character a lot of the time and they’re allowed to do more of what they like”.

However, they have expressed their love for the Castle Rock and Greene King chains, as well as some of the Wetherspoons branches they visited, like the ones in Stapleford and Bulwell.

When it comes to Gedling, Dale revealed that his favourite pub in the area so far has been the Willowbrook, followed by the Gedling Inn & Kitchen.

Writing for the over 1,000 people who follow their Facebook page, Dale said: “Willowbrook is a shining example of Castle Rock doing good pubs, the right way.

“Several dogs were present as we entered, which is always a welcome site, and this place just has such a warm, welcoming feel to it that we were instantly comfortable there and would love to do a ‘Revisited’ episode inside the place.

“The Gedling Inn & Kitchen is another huge pub just down from one of our favourites of the crawl so far, The Willowbrook.

“This place is another that has a great looking food offering of standard pub style food.

“They were also showing Sky Sports and have a huge stage type set up outside with a screen on that looks amazing for watching movies/cinema nights, as well as for the big sporting occasions.

“Our dogs were also made to feel very welcome, which was great.”

The pair say they are open to people joining them in their impressive journey.

Dale said: “If there’s anyone who wants to join us and go out for the day with us, just message our Facebook page and tell us.

“We’re finding so many great pubs that we’ve never even heard of, we’ve gone places we’ve never gone to.

“It’s such a great experience.”

You can keep up with Dale and Holly’s journey and pub reviews via their dedicated Facebook page:

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‘Lost for words’: Neighbours in Arnold scoop £270k in shock People’s Postcode Lottery win

Eight lucky neighbours from Arnold were awarded a share of £270,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery.

NG5 6RT was announced as the winning postcode on Sunday, June 12.

People's Postcode Lottery winners
PICTURED: Winners Denise Bell, 71, and Alan Shaw, 74

Seven of the neighbours won £30,000, while the eighth landed £60,000, playing with two tickets.

Following a combined win of £90,000, an elderly couple plan to finally tie the knot in Las Vegas.

Denise Bell, 71, and Alan Shaw, 74, were among eight neighbours in Arnold celebrating after their Postcode Lottery win.

The couple could not believe their luck when lottery ambassador Jeff Brazier surprised them with two five-figure cheques.

Denise won £60,000 and her partner Alan also took home a cheque for £30,000.

The pair met over 32 years ago and have been engaged for 29 years, after Alan proposed in Asda while Denise worked as a cashier on the checkouts.

They both admitted that life had got in the way, and they had delayed getting married several times but always dreamt of being wed in Las Vegas.

Denise said: “I can’t believe it… I’m lost for words.

“It’s more money than we’ve ever had.

“We’ll get married finally.

“We’ve always thought it would be amazing to be able to get married in Las Vegas.

“So, we can do that now.”

The mum-of-two, who works with disabled children and children with learning difficulties, revealed that before any weddings or holidays, the first thing she would use the winnings for is a hip replacement.

Denise said: “I can get a new hip!

“I’ve been on a waiting list for over two years, but I can now go private which will be great because I’ve been in a lot of pain recently.

“I was talking to my daughter when I was very sore last weekend and I said to her ‘I’d love to win the lottery and I could get my hip done’ and then only a few days later the Postcode Lottery are at my front door.”

Chris Adams, 47, was another winner picking up a cheque for £30,000.

He found out about his prize alongside his wife Emma and the pair were left gobsmacked after catching a glimpse of their winning cheque.

Chris said: “Oh my goodness!

“That’s a bit more than a tenner that.”

Emma added: “It’s incredible we really weren’t expecting that.”

The dad-of-two said he’d be taking his family on a “fantastic”, long-awaited holiday abroad using some of the winnings.

Emma, who works as a teacher at a local primary school, laughed in disbelief and added: “The kids have yet to go on an aeroplane.

“We’ve been promising them for a long time and it can finally happen.”

The couple are also in the early process of improving their garden and said that the cash windfall would help them to totally transform their back garden.

Chris said: “We’re going to have a much-improved man cave and a much-improved patio.

“We’ll also probably have grass instead of a meadow or a jungle as it is now.”

Arnold local and Nottingham Forest fan Paul Hovell, 57, said he did not think this year could get much better after his beloved Nottingham Forest were promoted to the Premier League until he won the lottery.

The dad-of-two, who bagged £30,000, said: “That’s a lot of money to us.

“We need a holiday after the last few years and soever, this will really give us a great holiday.

“It feels fantastic to know that our close friends and neighbours have won something, it’s something quite special.”

Susan Harrison, 61, also scooped £30,000 and said that the win could make her upcoming holiday to Italy extra special.

Susan said: “We’re going to Italy next week and we’ve planned to go to Venice for the day and now I’ll be able to go on a gondola which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

The mum-of-two, who worked at a bank for over 43 years before retiring last year, said: “This money will mean I can enjoy my retirement even more and we can splash out a bit and I can also treat my daughters.”

Another £30,000 winner is Colin Barrett, 59, who was joined by his wife Mandy for the surprise.

Shortly after finding out about his cash windfall, Colin said: “We are a family on the street and, it’s just nice to see other people having a bit of luck in life.”

The pair recently retired and said the cash will go towards making their retirement even sweeter.

Colin said: “What was going to be a nice retirement just got a lot nicer and we’ll be more comfortable.

“It’s the icing on the cake.”

People’s Postcode Lottery was created to raise funds for charities in Britain and beyond.

Players of the lottery have now raised more than £900 million for thousands of good causes.

Everyday throughout the June draws, one postcode will be announced as a £30,000 prize winner.

All the players in the postcode will win £30,000 for every ticket they hold.

To find out more, visit

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Parents in Gedling ‘angry’ over primary school uniform change at ‘difficult time’

Parents and carers of children attending Stanhope Primary School in Gedling have recently been informed about a change of colour in the school’s uniform.

A letter has been emailed to parents and guardians by the school detailing the change, as well as other aspects such as the school structure for the coming academic year, nursery consultation, and gate times.

The uniform, which is currently red, will change to navy or dark green at the start of the Autumn term.

Parents can vote on the colour they most prefer from today (June 13) and will be informed of the final decision on Wednesday.

However, they have criticised this decision, questioning the timing of the change, amid rising concerns regarding the soaring of the cost of living.

Ben Hemstock, whose two daughters, aged seven and nine, both attend Stanhope revealed he has voiced his concerns to the school’s headteacher.

He said: “The current economic climate has seen families in significant financial difficulties.

“With food bank use on the rise all over the country, cost of petrol and diesel going up week on week, it’s difficult for everyone at the moment.

“Changing the colour of the uniform seems like a needless exercise in a time when none of us need the extra expense.

“Whilst it may seem a trivial amount to many people, £50-60 per child for jumpers, dresses, and tights is an extra money most cannot afford.

“I’ve spoken to several parents who have already bought uniform in the red colours and now have to hope they can return them.

“The other consideration is that siblings often pass uniform down to the younger ones.

“Clearly this won’t be possible for this year.

“I have contacted the head teacher and voiced my concerns.

“I hope that she listens to parents and understands the potential difficulties this will put onto parents.

“The odd thing is that there’s been no real reason given as to why the change is happening.

“The learning environment is developed by the skills of the teachers and pupils, not by what colour uniform the children wear.”

Another father-of-two, Matthew Winterburn, has echoed a similar opinion.

He said: “I have two children that go there, and many parents are not happy as they, as well as everyone else, are finding it hard to live day to day with rising bills.

“They don’t know where they’re going to find the money to buy all new uniforms, especially as many people pass second hand around.”

Kelly-Anne Mason, whose child is a Year 5 pupil at the school, is also disappointed with the decision.

She said: “I think it’s a bad decision from the head teacher.

“Red has been Stanhope’s identity since the day it opened.

“Also, with the cost of living going up and many people struggling, it is very poorly times.

“No thought has been put into it.”

Amanda Richards, Stanhope Primary School’s headteacher, revealed that the decision was taken at this time of the year as families are about to purchase new uniforms ready for the start of the Autumn term.

She added: “To reflect the natural, warm and friendly environment we have been working so hard to create in school, we will be changing the colour of our school uniform.

“We will keep the majority of the uniform the same e.g. trousers, skirts, PE kit etc but we will be changing the colour of the sweatshirt / cardigan / jumper/ summer dress.

“As is the case at the moment, there will be no requirement to have a school logo on the uniform and we will ensure that all parts of the uniform are available for purchase from the main supermarkets.”

Gedling Eye approached the school for a comment.

Headteacher Amanda Richards said: “We are currently in consultation with our parents regarding school uniform.

“Parents opinions are being sought over changing the colour or keeping the uniform the same.

“Our consultation period closes tomorrow.”

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