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Message from SEVERN TRENT WATER: To all our customers in Burton Joyce, Carlton, Gedling and Netherfield areas

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The last week was a huge challenge for you and for our company. We are so incredibly sorry to those who suffered issues with their water supply.

We know how important water is, especially during this challenging time. We understand just how hard it must have been for you and how difficult it makes everyday life.

We experienced two separate challenges in your area. Firstly the hot and sunny weather last week led to water being used in larger and faster quantities than we’ve ever seen before in our 30-year history. 40% more water was being used in this area alone. We take these incidents incredibly seriously and our key worker teams worked around the clock to produce hundreds of millions of extra litres of water. We also moved water around with our tankers to try and keep up with demand, but our pipes can only carry so much. We know as a result that some people suffered with low pressure or supply issues.

Then in a separate incident a third-party vehicle cracked through one of our larger pipes and caused disruption to supplies in NG14. Our teams worked around the clock to repair the pipe and restore supplies.  

Engineers work to restore water supplies (IMAGE: STW)
PICTURED: Work went on over several nights to restore water supplies in the area

I personally wanted to write to you all to say just how sorry we are. I will ensure we learn from this period and we will understand how we can continue to improve in the future. We’re really grateful for the local community’s support last week and we would like to say a special thank you to those who helped us distribute bottled water and keep people informed.

There are a few things we can all do together that will make a difference.

When it gets warm, we know people use more water, but the hosepipe and sprinkler use was a big pull on the network. In the garden, swap the hose for a watering can, and use a bucket and sponge to wash the car instead of a hose. It can make a huge difference. Sprinklers can use as much water in an hour as a whole family does in a day, so watering the lawn less often can really help too.

We’re also keen to support our more vulnerable customers and would encourage them to register for our priority services register We can ensure you are kept updated in case of any issues with your supply and even deliver bottled water to you directly if supplies are interrupted.

In the meantime, and while things return to normal for your community, please accept my sincere apologies.

Liv Garfield

Chief executive of Severn Trent