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The best gloves at affordable prices


Even the very best golf gloves in 2023 are affordable to most budgets in comparison to other essential golf accessories. That said, with an average golf glove being in the region of $20/£20, and needing replacing every 10 rounds or so, playing once a week for a year will still see you part way with over $100/£100.

Golf gloves are underrated in terms of the value they add, acting as safety mechanism to ensure your grip stays secure throughout your swing, preventing slippage and a deviated ball flight. Ultimately, a worn-out grip will cost you shots, and if the rain starts to fall then you can probably wave goodbye to your score.

So if you’ve been nursing a tatty old glove for over a year, then read on as we’ve identified some stand-out models that won’t break the bank and might just persuade you to get into the habit of replacing your golf glove a bit more frequently. 

Nike Dura Feel X Golf Glove – $12 / £12 RRP

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This is a classic-looking glove from Nike that features an abundance of versatility, the synthetic leather palm allows a secure grip, and with the latest version comes a reinforced palm and thumb for better durability. A stretchy fabric around the knuckles supports the natural movement of the swing, the fingers and thumb also feature perforations for airflow to keep the hands cool.

Under Armour Iso-Chill Golf Glove – $17 / £13 RRP

A very clever bit of kit from Under Armour that is designed for warm-weather golf. The patented Iso-Chill technology is designed to pull heat away from your skin. The clever seam taping also ensures you get an excellent fit and another glove that offers great value for money.

Mizuno Comp Golf Glove – $11 / £7 RRP

For golfers wanting an all-weather glove, Mizuno have given golfers a great option with the Comp glove that retails at a very affordable price point for all budgets. Its synthetic upper gives you great durability and long-lasting shape, which, when partnered with a leather palm for improved grip, gives golfers everything they need regardless of the conditions.

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Srixon Cabretta Golf Glove – $15 / £15 RRP

For golfers wanting a soft, comfortable, and durable glove at a good price the Srixon Cabretta is perfect. A quality leather glove makes a huge difference to how the club feels in hand and can make a huge difference to your game. The high-quality leather is partnered with Lycra panels in the knuckles to certify a good secure fit.

Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove – $10 / £15 RRP

The Dawn Patrol is a full leather glove giving you a premium fit and feel for a fantastic price. It is a great option that’s very durable, and compared to some other gloves in this category is great value for money too. The glove’s unique design features perforations on the front and back which help with breathability.

Cobra PUR Golf Glove – $14 / £20 RRP

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The Cobra PUR Tour is the glove used by Cobra’s staff tour players and offers exceptional fit and feel. It’s a full Cabretta leather construction with perforations for breathability, while the tailored cuff provides a great, secure fit.

Kirkland Signature Golf Glove – $30 / £30 (pack of 3)

The Signature from Kirkland is a Cabretta glove that provides great grip and resists moisture, while staying soft and providing an impressive feel and durability. The Kirkland is ideal for any golfer wanting a premium glove at amazing value, with these three packs coming in around $30/£30. They’re available in sizes small to large and have a neat ball marker with the pack.

How to choose an affordable golf glove

Of course, affordability will vary considerably according to individual budgets and what each person considers value for money. This shortlist has pulled out examples of great golf gloves that can be found at price points under $20/£20. Just because they are at the more affordable end of the market however, you shouldn’t compromise on the following:

Size – Studies have shown that 98% of golfers wear a glove that is too big for them. You shouldn’t be able to pinch any material on the palm or fingers. If you can cover all of the Velcro with the fastening tab, that’s another sign it’s too big. Don’t be alarmed if your brand-new glove feels a bit restrictive at first, it will loosen up within a few minutes or a few shots on the range.

Durability – A cheaper golf glove does not automatically signal better value for money. Synthetic gloves are typically longer lasting than leather gloves meaning they should retain their grip for a few more rounds a save you some money in the long run.

Feel – For those greenside chips and delicate approaches from under 100 yards, feeling at one with your wedge will help your distance and spin control. If possible, try gripping a club with your preferred choice of glove first to make sure it’s comfortable and provides you with the feel you need to stick it close!

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